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Weird behavior w/pictures in reports.

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Posted 05 August 2005 - 05:13 PM

I linked a bunch of pictures into my database, then printed to screen a box chart and a wall chart. Then I decided to re-do some of the pictures to get some more flattering one. I copied the new picture directly over the old picture, so the old picture shouldn't exist anymore.

The new pictures showed properly next to the person's name on the screen, but when I created reports, the results were a little weird.

Everyone's picture came in properly to the wall chart. However, when I created a box chart, two people's picture displayed properly, but four more people still had the old photo. I restarted RM to see if something was stuck in memory, but it still happened. I restarted the whole computer, but it still happened. I printed to a PDF instead of the screen, and then the box chart pictures were all the new ones. Print to screen and the old pictures came back.

Then I looked in the folder where I saved the pictures, and there were a bunch of THU files in there that I had not created. I assume RM created them at some point.

I gather that RM was grabbing the THU file created from the old picture, and displaying it in my box chart. But only for four of the people and not two others. I deleted all the THU files out of my folder, and that seemed to solve the problem. RM seems to have created a bunch of new THU files from the new pictures.

A. Is this behavior normal?
B. Does RM have to create all those THU files? I'd rather it didn't...


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Posted 05 August 2005 - 05:41 PM

You can use Windows Explorer to remove all of those THU files. They are created for screen display to reduce the memory use. If they aren't there, RootsMagic will re-create them when it needs them and this time the thumbnale of JhnDoe will be the same as the one you have attached to the scrapbook.

I think that if you printed the report, the picture that you replaced the original with would print, but since there is already a thu file for that same file, it didn't receate one and you see the old one on the screen.

Family Origins created them and they stayed with the regular photo files until you deleted them manually . It seams to me that RootsMagic used to remove these thumbnails when it was finished with the project, but it doesn't seem to anymore. I don't know the reason why they are back again.