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#84094 TreeShare - WebHints don't download for some individuals

Posted by khaden on 05 July 2017 - 06:10 AM in Issues

Have been a beta tester so this has been a problem since I first started using the beta version of TreeShare.  I have several Ancestry trees.  The trees have assorted individuals who have multiple WebHints and multiple sources attached/rejected to them, including sources uploaded from my original to Ancestry, but those WebHints never download.  They have the lightbulb and the indications of the existence of WebHints but when clicking on the lightbulb, the little download circle just keeps on circling forever and ever.  In the same file there are also individuals who have just as many hints & sources attached, rejected, etc. but download those WebHints via the lightbulb and can be reviewed with no problem.  


These files have been on Ancestry since trees were first synced with FamilyTreeMaker and I'm sure there is something weird in them quite possibly from an earlier mutation of Ancestry trees themselves.  This was reported as an issue and techs were given access as Editors to these files. When each new Beta version came out, I would completely delete the previously download and connection to Ancestry, then re-sync as a new connection, hoping this would be "fixed".  It never was.  These trees continue to have multiple individuals in them for whom the WebHints will not download in spite of the lightbulb showing they exist and how many, etc.   I have gone on Ancestry and added/changed these persons and they will show up as "Changed" and I can make the changes to RootsMagic and these changes show up as changes when synced & in both the trees both in RootsMagic and on Ancestry - but still the WebHints will not download.


I will add that as part of the earlier testing, I created a new upload tree and file with some of the same individuals and the problem did not exist; TreeShare functioned as expected.  I could create new files and trees but then all the old hints long since accepted/rejected would all appear again - literally 100's of them - and would have to be reviewed individually - and this is just not an option.