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#95437 Index / Search needs retooling

Posted by sunriver61 on 26 September 2019 - 05:33 AM in Discussion



D/L an Ancestry.com database to RM7.6.1.0 to create a brand new tree from the online database.


The very first entry I go to look at isn't in the Index!   At this point, I'm about ready to shove a newly purchased product back into the nether as these genealogy software companies just can't seem to get it right.  This was the very reason I bailed from FTM after just two weeks was their sync issues. (however... this is not a sync issue but a programming/development issue)


In looking at the tree where the missing person's son IS listed in the Index, I find the father to be listed.  In the tree.  Not in the Index.


There are many expletives that are rampaging through my brain right about now....


The person in question has only one name (that's what they did back then), so I think about if the program is just screwed up enough not to pick up a Given name instead of a Surname.


And sure enough - the program ISN'T that smart.

Here's a hint to the developers, start your search on the Index from a concatenated list and have the search work it's way down instead of only searching in one field.




Rant over.