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#96525 How to automatically add Death Facts to old people?

Posted by Kamolga on 05 February 2020 - 10:16 AM in Discussion

/* Event-Add_Death.sql
2013-01-16 Tom Holden ve3meo
Adds a dead event to all dead people lacking one.
Nor date, place, description or note is added.
    ,2 AS EventType
    ,0 AS OwnerType
    ,PersonID AS OwnerID
    ,0 AS FamilyID
    ,0 AS PlaceID
    ,0 AS SiteID
    ,'.' AS DATE
    ,9223372036854775807 AS SortDate
    ,0 AS IsPrimary
    ,0 AS IsPrivate
    ,0 AS Proof
    ,0 AS STATUS
    ,0 AS EditDate
    ,CAST('' AS BLOB) AS Sentence
    ,CAST('' AS BLOB) AS Details
    ,'' AS Note
FROM PersonTable
        -- Person without Dead Fact
        SELECT distinct PersonID AS PersonID FROM PersonTable WHERE Living = 0
except select OwnerID as PersonID from EventTable where EventType=2

I started from this query but added a death year with an 'about' and an * as a suffix. I know that anyone with * has unreliable dates (not proven) and I can therefore quickly know if a new person from another source could match an existing one.

#94698 Alternate Surnames for Family

Posted by Kamolga on 10 August 2019 - 03:54 PM in Discussion

Apart from SQLite, I do not see a way to add a surname to multiple people. You can save your queries so a month later you can re-run them on the new people / groups.


I am 50% Arabic 50% Belgian and have Arabic, French, Dutch, English translations in my tree all over the place, with a lot of different spellings between generations. As a direct example, my Arabic great grand parents have only their name in Arabic since they never travelled abroad, my Arabic grand parents have their name in Arabic, French (since my father immigrated to Belgium) and English (one uncle immigrated to England) but I have my name in one spelling only (French translation of an Arabic name) since all my documents are with latin letters. To make things simple, my daughters have their name in Russian in their Russian passport and French in their Belgian. I work manually and not SQLite on this since I source all my spellings with the appropriate document.


If you add names with SQLite in NameTable, I think the NameType 7 is for spellings, 3 for Immigration and 5 for Married.

#94678 Relationship editing

Posted by Kamolga on 08 August 2019 - 10:13 AM in Discussion

I change them to "partner" since I use a query to add married name to spouses.

#94660 Changing Source Type

Posted by Kamolga on 06 August 2019 - 06:49 AM in Discussion

Going throug the citation table in SQLite and updating SourceID's is to me the only realistic way if you have hundreds of record to update. 

It was also approached here https://sqlitetoolsf...source-records/

#94628 Centralizing Data files on the Cloud

Posted by Kamolga on 04 August 2019 - 03:19 AM in Discussion

I quit Onedrive when I realised it would take rarely used files from my hard disk (so only keep them in the cloud) to save me diskspace. Normally if I decide to save it on my hard disk too, it should just stay on my hard disk when synchronising, not just a shortcut.

I never had any conflict with SharePoint: I have my root folders for RM (Data, back up, Multimedia, Gedcom, Reports and SQL queries) that are synchronised on my local hard disks (2 laptops). I do not turnoff my connection when I work in RM (bad practice according to expert users) since I create a backup every time I close RM. The only thing I got from time to time is I can not close RM manually (have to go through task manager), it kind of 'freeze' especially if I live it open over the night. 

My connection is about 100mb/s so sync is completely invisible to my eyes and both my laptop are on SSD, much faster than HDD...I think those two factors are keys to success for 'live synchronisation'. 

#94606 Noting parents who raised as well as biological parents

Posted by Kamolga on 01 August 2019 - 06:20 AM in Discussion

My grand mother died at 26, on the 6th anniversary of my mother.

My mother's grand mother came to live with my grand father to help raising 4 kids for 7 years (until he married again).


I have shared the family residency with the grand-grand-mother and described the story there (modified sentence). Reports I sometimes use (quick and dirty) print fine but export to other softwares/online do not (2x parenting do not export well either I believe). 


I had some issues with reports on the deaths of my half cousin, 3 of her children and her mother passed away in a house fire. Her last child, only survivor, was adopted by her half sister. So here I have a new set of parents. I spent hours on that, testing everything and have came up with a dirty solution: copy-paste in text editor and make my own reports :unsure: . MS Word is definitely nicer and easier to read, I also insert photo's and newspapers scans from the fire. 


For me so far, parents are biological or by adoption, otherwise they are only family/partners living in the same house.

#94597 Noting parents who raised as well as biological parents

Posted by Kamolga on 31 July 2019 - 02:03 PM in Discussion



I would click on the person, then under list menu, there is a person icon with a green '+', click on it and select parents. RM says there are already parents and ask if you still want to add them, click yes and add your new couple.


Then when you 2x click on the person, you will see spouse (if any) followed by  both parents couples. When you click the first couple, you can put them as birth (default) and on the new one, you can select adopted, step, foster, related, guardian, sealed or unknown relationsip

#94593 Fact Order

Posted by Kamolga on 31 July 2019 - 10:18 AM in Discussion

In my case it was way too much work to go through thousands of them manually after an import, I found a SQL query on https://sqlitetoolsforrootsmagic.com.  (I used the same web site to find out how to use SQLiteSpy with RM). The query below reorder all facts for the entire database in 2 seconds. 

/* SortDateSameDayOrder.sql
   2011-12-19 ve3meo
   Alters SortDates of Birth, Christen, Baptism, Death, Cremation and Burial
   to a natural order when any pair or more occur on the same date. 
   Could be extended to order other facts also. SortDates are effectively assigned 
   (by arithmetical offsets) an absolute suffix -1, -2, ... related to the FactType.
   Affects only those events whose SortDates correspond to the Fact Date, as computed 
   by a Date encoding algorithm. The algorithm does not handle Date modifiers so not all 
   Event dates are handled, e.g. "Bef 1960". 
   2011-12-20 order of Cremation and Burial corrected

UPDATE EventTable 
SET SortDate = SortDate-6692012023*(EventType 
  IN (1,3,7,2,4,5))  -- list of FactTypes we want to sort, in no particular order except this corresponds to the desired order
  +1048576*(SUBSTR('1426503',EventType,1)-1) -- the substr maps the FactType to its order
IN (SELECT EventID FROM EventTable
    (SELECT -- matching dates
     SortDate, OwnerID, COUNT()-1 AS Matches FROM EventTable
     WHERE OwnerType = 0 AND EventType IN (1,3,7,2,5,4) 
     SortDate =   -- equals encoded event Date (if not a match, suggests that user has modified SortDate so don't touch it)
        WHEN Date LIKE '.%' 
        THEN 1 
        ELSE Substr(Date,3,5) END 
        + Substr(Date,8,2)*35184372088832 
        + Substr(Date,10,2)*549755813888 
        + 17178820620 
      GROUP BY SortDate, OwnerID, OwnerType
     USING (OwnerID, SortDate)
     WHERE Matches

#94588 Thinking of switching to RootsMagic

Posted by Kamolga on 31 July 2019 - 03:22 AM in Discussion


automatically opening the marriage data box when entering a spouse.

That happens in RM7...quick and easy.


I did some manual entries for 2 days as I was testing the software and I became really very happy with it, I found it fantastic. I imported my tree later. 

I designed many data entry forms in my work and I felt those ones had been really well thought, that I would need a lot of user feedback to reach this level. It is after a month or so I realised they do not set focus (pre-select) anything in the list nor split them: if you add a media and want to add it to a fact, it is not pre-selected in the list or if you want to use a master source to a fact, RM does not filter the master sources you have already used for those facts (most of my master sources are only used for birth, other of marriage,...). 


Nevertheless I was so happy with data entry I purchased the software. Source management was the best I had ever seen (which for some reason I do not like in Family Historian) and cherry on the cake, we can use SQLite to update the entire database: add an alternate spouse name to all married woman, group people with duplicate facts (happens after merging duplicates), add birth fact from christen or baptism and so on.


So Data entry, source management and customisation of the functions are for me on the + side and on - side is that we have map and photo from previous century (no face recognition or even selecting faces of people on photos) and no full tree view.

#94564 Married name list

Posted by Kamolga on 28 July 2019 - 12:30 PM in Discussion



I use SQLiteSpy to assign married names to all women that are in couples other than partners, so the list of married names is huge in my case since I never forget to assign them....filtering on location could be a good start.


Still with this software, you can extract married names only

--List of married Name only
 FROM NameTable
 WHERE NameType=5;
SELECT * FROM vMarried

and copy-paste in Excel if you want to design a report.


The following query gives you all alternative names of women having a married name in your database (even spellings, immigrants, and so on)

--List of all names of women having a married Name
 FROM NameTable
                  SELECT OwnerID
                  FROM NameTable
                  WHERE NameType=5);
Select * FROM vMarriedFull

#94501 PDF File will not attach to RM

Posted by Kamolga on 17 July 2019 - 11:18 AM in Discussion

I had the last Win 10 update a few days ago and no issue in attaching pdf's in source (media tab) or directly event (picture next to source)….but had an Adobe update at about the same time.

#94493 Difficulty in Untagging a Media Item

Posted by Kamolga on 17 July 2019 - 01:17 AM in Issues


The failure to "set focus" that drives me that craziest (well, before I ran into it with the untagging problem) is the marking dialog

Yes this one is the worse, I kept on falling in the trap again and again. I now make an empty group (or a random person) and use SQL to empty it and put the people in it (refreshing the content).

#94478 Difficulty in Untagging a Media Item

Posted by Kamolga on 15 July 2019 - 02:27 AM in Issues

I wish there were a bit more of 'set focus' when entering lists in RM7, preselecting the tag that is used in this instance is a good example, the source that is mostly used with this fact type another (or filtering the sources that have been used with those facts), etc.

Even worse is the focus with the search in media gallery: when you open the gallery, 'enter' would cancel it since nothing has been selected...not ideal but so far so good. Unfortunately if you type anything in the search area, it will focus on the first media in the gallery and 'select', so that if you press 'enter' at the end of your search to 'launch it' (instead of clicking the magnifying glass, because 'enter' works for all Windows, Google, Help, Excel, etc. searches/filters),you will add this first media (I add this photo of Adrienne, first in the list, a few times a week) instead of filtering your list. When typing anything in search, RM should put 'enter action' on the magnifying glass, not selection of the media.


More importantly, it would be so easier for me if the media focus was set on last imported or used media (and 'select' eventually) when entering the gallery, which is usually the one I am looking for (I guess 98-99% of my searches, do not know for other users) so I could select it without searching. That is normally a common feature in most forms/pop up windows coding.

#94475 Marriage fact now showing on Narrative reports

Posted by Kamolga on 14 July 2019 - 01:36 PM in Discussion

For me (default) it gets indeed with the male but it would make no sense to repeat it with the female since she is right after him.

I checked: divorce get after marriage in the report, as well as residence but not death or religion.

#94466 Cannot open certain RMGC files

Posted by Kamolga on 12 July 2019 - 12:12 AM in Issues

I have been using onedrive for very long time, and it was perfect (especially since I work with Microsoft Office) until they decided to go through this local shortcut system that I find difficult to control (no benefits for me since I can handle my local hard disk space by myself, only issues).I was very happy with selecting folders to synchronize and leave the other ones online only (which I do with SharePoint). I lost archives and templates of years of work because of a massive cut and paste of shortcuts instead of files (the bin handle a certain amount of files,many were just lost.

#94454 Can't back up to Google Drive

Posted by Kamolga on 11 July 2019 - 12:49 PM in Issues

RM Support and experienced users advise that you should Pause active syncing while the database file is open even on only one computer 

I would never do that for a few reasons (at my own risks)


1.I would forget to turn it off and on anyway.

2.If computer crashes I lose data

3.I never experienced the slightest issue with sharepoint (that is a bad reason but I will not try to fix what is not broken)

4.If the issue happens, I would have a backup from my last session anyway

5. SharePoint, OneDrive or Dropbox (paid version) allow you to work with files versions, I might get even better than last session backup.


=> I would not risk to lose family photos, work or anything I thought I stored on the cloud because I forgot to put it back on. I have nothing saved anywhere else, all my files are on the cloud, used on a few computers. That works fine (even modifying with SQL and opened in RM on sharepoint) and I frequently work on different things in parallel to my tree. Might not be ideal but will keep the sync on no matter the potential risk.

#94453 Cannot open certain RMGC files

Posted by Kamolga on 11 July 2019 - 12:44 PM in Issues

If you are on a folder synchronised to the cloud (like OneDrive), it can happen they just put a shortcut when file is unused (to save space on hardisk), sometimes you have to download a file locally to get it work properly. The size is about 1kb instead of the few thousands it should be (right click and properties).


If not, I would try to open it with SQLiteSpy to see if it is corrupted...if you can open it there and have names in NameTable, it means the issue comes from the software (RM), so I would reinstall it.

#94431 Can't back up to Google Drive

Posted by Kamolga on 10 July 2019 - 11:49 AM in Issues

I now use sharepoint, but have used dropbox, one drive and google drive, all work the same and indeed you do not need a RM tools to synchronise google drive: 

by having google drive synchronised on your computer, you have a Google drive folder that is always synchronised (in file explorer, in left pane).

 If you do not have it you need to download google drive to your computer:

  1. Open the Google Drive Icon on your desktop or start menu.
  2. Type your Google Account username and password to sign in to Google Drive. ...
  3. Complete the installation instructions.
  4. Click Start and choose Google Drive.
  5. Move or copy files and folders from your desktop into your Google Drive folder to begin syncing items. -> you will never be asked for your password again

By having your Rootmagic folder in this one (it becomes your only local copy), with subfolders Backup, Data, Gedcom, Multimedia, Reports, … you do not need anything from RM to get it synchronised: when you close RM, if you say you want to back up it will create a back up in the Back up folder ("without knowing it is on google drive" I could say, he just reads c:/Dora/googledrive/rootsmagic/backup). No authorisation required, the only second window you can get is if you add a backup with default name 2 times the same day asking if you want to overwrite the first one. This google drive folder will send any file to the cloud as soon as it has an internet connection (instantaneous if you are connected), so if you do not backup and then crash your computer, all your work is still in your .rmgc file in your Data folder and you can download it from the cloud to your new computer as if nothing happened. No loss. You can also work on different computers as long as not at the same time (google drive handle conflicts if you forget to close a session by creating a copy and I believe -not sure- it warns you). 

#94405 Funeral Attendees

Posted by Kamolga on 08 July 2019 - 12:12 AM in Discussion

Ah ok, thanks! They used to be quite small in our cases. Nowadays they are published online but still not much information: Name of the spouse, first name of children (only the ones alive), death date, death place, birth date, birth place and residency place (not address). Then full info regarding ceremony, burial, etc. ….basically apart from the photo, not much different than the newspaper. Unfortunately, the newspapers are not digitally archived (yet?), so you can not "search" for a person to see if there was a publication, it is much easier for people who passed away after 2000 (websites). 

#94396 Color Coding Events

Posted by Kamolga on 07 July 2019 - 12:07 PM in Discussion

A simple extract of a wedding in Belgium (so Record #123456 of National Archive - Marriage let's say, National Archive - Marriage being the master source), would be copied in husband (person) sources, his family (he makes with new wife) sources, his parents sources (since they are on it and it proves he is their son), his birth event sources (also on it), his marriage event sources (that they share), wife sources, her parents sources, her birth event sources...and sometimes you have witnesses, often occupations and residencies of the spouses and their parents. Creating a source each time is counter productive isn't it? I always type exactly what is written on the source and have a complex referencing to see what is in without having to 2x click the sources. 

Still I do not understand why if I change #123456 to #123457, it will update everywhere but if I add a media it does not.

I think I could make a list of citations using medialinks in SQLite and from there add the medialink to anything using a citation but this is quite complicated because of the types (easy for events but I do not know how exactly it is set up for person and family sources, would need to run dummy queries to find out) and amount of tables concerned. I plan to add quite a lot medias to citations so might be worth the headache.

My first project will be to copy all the MediaPath from MultimediaTable  (like C:\...\RootsMagic\Multimedia\...) to excel and run a macro to list  all the files (in all subfolders) from the map and compare...I think I have a few files in there I forgot to link in RM. I could also identify broken links ad fix them.


I have been trying to keep master sources small, so I do not have to search...and for future analysis as well since I do not want to select 25 master sources to know who already as a birth certificate. I could have a master source per location where Birth certificate was made (each postal code basically) but my input is referenced in a manner that I can identify which certificates have been made in Antwerp district for example, so that if I go to Antwerp I can print a list of all the references (e.g. #123456, book 3, page 45 from VillageA) I would like to copy (so more than 100 years old in our legislation) thanks to SQL. So I found a way to keep master sources small thanks to research notes and SQL to filter from that field.

As a result I just type the first letters and find my master source but if I had been coding such a software, when you add a source to a birth event, you would have the most used master source for birth events preselected in the limited list of all the master sources you have already used in birth events (that is how I code my userforms in VBA or Access, I guess there should be a way to achieve this in their language). I would then add a "All master sources" button if you need to select one you have already used in another event type (the list as we see it today). A way for the user to create categories is an other good option...anyway going through the list as we have today is not up to their standards regarding data entry.

#94394 Re-Linking Media Files Issue

Posted by Kamolga on 07 July 2019 - 11:50 AM in Issues

Plug-ins would be win-win with RM:

it is like having free extra developers and their customers might be more faithful if we offer them more opportunities to work on the entire database.

For customers it is like having personal specific solutions without having to go through the SQLite software choice and download, rmnocase issue and finally launch queries that they don't understand and that fail every time they try to adapt (I have been there). 

The RM SQL community is quite small now because of those barriers and opportunities completely underused. It would be so nicer if when someone starts a discussion or something (s)he would like to have in RM X, we could write them a plugin that does it right away and they could relaunch any time they want. 


For my part, I would love to make my plugins to refresh my groups. For example I realised I wanted to colour the children who died before they could marry (and have children, which I set up at 18 but I can change it) after I had been wasting my time on 10th of websites looking for their spouses. And weeks later I would re-try to find a spouse! In family view, I should see a red triangle (=spouse) next to each children or (s)he should be coloured and no research needed. It is also easier to exclude on the spot when I want to add someone with same name. So I use SQL to identify them and update the group 'ChildDeath' that I can colour. Using a plugin would be quicker than opening the database in SQLite, finding the query, execute it and colour the group in RM...nearly every time I add a couple before 1925 with all their children. 

#94387 Funeral Attendees

Posted by Kamolga on 07 July 2019 - 04:39 AM in Discussion

Are the protestants recording who participate to funerals? Never saw anything like this from European catholic churches...

#94385 Database Anomaly

Posted by Kamolga on 07 July 2019 - 04:21 AM in Discussion

Where are the 3 extras? If in Ancestry, it could be that Ancestry needs to add a person to certain situation: I had it somewhere for the grand children of my uncle I think, who had to be adopted by another member of the family after the death of their mother in a fire -> they were duplicated since they could not have 4 parents. 

Some partners like myheritage also need to add 'empty people' to all unknown parents (if I export RM to Gedcom, import it in Myheritage and export gedcom from Myheritage to RM back, I get a few hundreds extra people, without names). I guess Ancestry might face similar needs in some cases.


If 3 extras in RM, maybe you have 3 people in a separate tree (tools count Trees) -> I am not sure Ancestry would include them if he can not find a relationship with an existing person.


I personally export a gedcom from RM and import it to Ancestry, I find the process much quicker than validating each changes

#94384 Color Coding Events

Posted by Kamolga on 07 July 2019 - 03:49 AM in Discussion

I use about in front of the date: abt 17 Feb 1865 means I need to search sources for the fact. About is used only for 'lack of reliable source' and if I find a source with a different date,  I record the source and put the about date in the notes with a question mark, to know it used to be an option.


As I never use suffix, I put an * in it when I am not sure of the relationships. I opted for the suffix and not the prefix (also not used) because I can see them in the left pane. John Smith * means I do not have an official source to confirm he is the father or son of the person in the tree and if he is born abt 7 Oct 1800 it means I have no official proof he is born on that day. Typically a birth or marriage certificate will take the abt and * out since the relationships are described and dates mentioned. I use SQL to group my proven relationships apart from the *, as well as people with unproven facts (from shared trees at 99%) using something like

FROM EventTable
WHERE Date LIKE '%.A+%'

Recently I realised I had to add medias to many sources citations that had been validated (no more * and abt). I used SQL to put / in the suffix of all required and made a group of those people called /. I would have gone for something like |Add media| in the notes and make a group of them but that is more work to delete manually |Add media| from the notes than / from the suffix whenever I added the media. I do work with a code like |...| in notes if I know I will take weeks to work on the group (I do not want / in suffix for so long).

(For the record, I faced a bit of disappointment on that 'add media process' though: if I add a pdf file to a birth citation, the pdf is not associated to all citations of that birth (I copy such citations in person and parents sources). I had to erase the previously copied citations and paste the updated one each time. For a wedding certificate, that is much more times). 

I would still love event colouring even a simpler version if not possible: I would like to have birth, marriage, death to step out, so bold for those 3 would already be handy, or the ability to colour residencies when working specifically on residencies (even if no address, I like to add residencies of villages where people lived), so a specific colour would help instead of searching them in sometimes very long lists of events to determine if I already entered them.

#94383 Rootsmagic 7 won't read rmgb file

Posted by Kamolga on 07 July 2019 - 01:36 AM in Discussion

Do you open RM7, click 'open' and select a file or do you 2x click the file from your windows map (if it opens with another RM, right click then 'open with' and select RM7). If a method does not work, maybe try the other one.


If you can not open them from RM7 (through open menu) without any error message, I would uninstall and reinstall it.