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#90729 RootsMagic6 To-Go Hardware requirements

Posted by khansen on 21 August 2018 - 05:33 PM in Discussion

I'd like to get a tablet or very small (lightweight) notebook to use with RM6 To-Go at the Libraries/Archives, etc.


What do I need to look for as far as speed/capacity/etc?  


I already have a laptop that runs Windows, but don't want to lug it around if I don't have to.  5-7 pounds doesn't sound like much until you've hauled it across the airport or up a flight of stairs!


I want something small and lightweight that I can use to review my RM6 files while researching and maybe have access to the internet and email.


For now, I'm printing out stacks of pedigrees and family group charts.  Having my RM file would be so much easier and complete.


So what do you use? 


I'm not looking to spend a lot of $$$.  I've seen lots of cute things out there for $750-$2000.  $200 or less is what I'm looking for.