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#96407 RootsMagic & Linux

Posted by uberdorf on 17 January 2020 - 05:05 PM in Discussion

That's ridiculous. You don't need to write to them all. Debian-based would be a good start and would embrace the largest proportion of Linux users.

I agree.  Many Linux distros are based on Debian (including Ubuntu and Linux Mint), so if you write Rootsmagic into a .deb installer for Debian it will work on most linux distributions.  The other distributions like Fedora use .rpm installers, but they aren't used as much as the Debian family.  However there is an even simpler method used by Firefox and Minecraft for other distributions. 


What you do with firefox and Minecraft in some distributions is to download the app compressed into a tar file with all dependencies it needs.  So get it working, compress it into a .tar file, and let people download it.  It's that simple.  You wouldn't even need a .deb or .rpm installer.

#96406 RootsMagic & Linux

Posted by uberdorf on 17 January 2020 - 04:55 PM in Discussion

I have run RM 7 in a Windows 10 VM guest using Virtualbox on a Linux host, and I currently run RM 7 on Wine 4.0.3 on Linux.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each method.


--running RM7 native on a Windows guest in a VM

-disadvantage-you are running two OS at once, Windows as a guest and Linux as a host, or vice versa.  You will use more RAM and CPU cores this way.  You also need a Windows license, and if Windows is connected to the internet there is that problem too.

-advantage-you can clone the Windows VM as a backup in case things get infected in the Windows guest.  Also RM 7 looks better running natively in Windows.  Windows is sandboxed by the virtual machine so it can't corrupt your host machine unless you do something stupid.


--running RM7 on WINE in Linux

-disadvantages-you have WINE installed, so if you open a Windows virus through a WINE browser or something, it can access your files just like in Windows.  WINE can run .exe files.  WINE does not render Windows fonts well, which not everyone knows how to fix. 

-advantage-RM 7 on WINE uses less RAM and CPU cores than having a VM.  RM 7 on WINE opens much faster, since you don't have to open a VM and start Windows.  You don't have to transfer files through a VM when putting pictures and such in RM.


--instructions for installing RM 7 in Wine on Linux (as of January 2020)

1. go to https://wiki.winehq.org/Downloadand follow the instructions for installing the stable version of WINE.  I prefer using current stable versions of WINE from the website over the older distro packages in the repositories, which you could try if you want.

2. run winecfg in terminal to configure WINE and click yes to install various packages like MONO and GECKO.  Set it to Windows 7 or 10 compatibility.

3. run the RM 7 exe, it should work perfectly now