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#84495 Problem with latest update

Posted by uberdorf on 14 July 2017 - 01:45 PM in Issues

Thank you Renee

#84494 Problem with latest update

Posted by uberdorf on 14 July 2017 - 01:44 PM in Issues

I was logging in to the forum to report a similar problem.  No matter what I try, it won't update from 7.5.0.  I've tried updating through Rootsmagic, through downloading the update separately from the website and applying manually, through deleting Rootsmagic and reinstalling, no matter what I do it won't work for me.  I'm on WINE 2.0.1 on debian 9, but never had a problem before with WINE 2 and rootsmagic.  You are running Windows?

#83203 Citing US Census Records Found on FamilySearch

Posted by uberdorf on 24 April 2017 - 06:25 AM in Discussion

Over the years I've found that I want more detail for my sources now than I used to, and with each change in genealogy programs I've done the sources get garbled.  When source citations add up, and with the changes in detail and garbled source citations, it gets more and more difficult to go back and fix each citation.  That is why now when I enter things, I use the rootsmagic template for "Census, US Federal (Online Images) when I cite census records I download off of FamilySearch. 


I cite every fact with detail now.  I've had people come to me years after I entered the fact data and say, "where did you get this fact" and I had no idea because the source citation either wasn't there or wasn't adequate to get a meaningful reference from it.  As someone with a history degree, it is very embarrassing for me for that to happen, so I am going through and trying to fix every citation for every individual.  That is tedious work, much more tedious than just entering everything in detail the first time.


I used to keep the source citations simpler, and tried to just have one master source for each year of the census.  I am not pleased with it for several reasons.  The main reason is that when I cite it multiple times, to get enough detail in the notes to find the census again or get meaningful information off the citation years later after I forgot everything, I have to re-enter a lot of repetitive information into the individual source citation notes.  Even if use the memorize and paste function, there can still be minor differences to go into and edit.  It saves time when entering lots of source details to have a master citation for each county.  So my master citation list titles for recent entries goes "(year) (country) census, (state), (county); (website)"  That is what works for me since I occasionally revisit the data and share it with family so I need lots of information to prove connections and to doublecheck things when there is disagreement.  So while I still have some generic free form census entries that just say for example, "1870 Federal Census" with a few more details in the individual source notes, I hope to delete those eventually after everyone has been revisited and cited better.


I actually don't know which would be better to do now, check each source or just start over when I have 2,550 people with 409 sources, 4,510 events, and 6,918 citations.  Maybe I should have just started over when I switched to rootsmagic, but it might be too late now.  So my recommendation is, don't be me in the past, don't take shortcuts on source citations.

#82716 RootsMagic in a virtual machine?

Posted by uberdorf on 10 March 2017 - 11:57 PM in Discussion

I've had it work in Windows XP and Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine, but would recommend using WINE 2.x instead.  I remember having to install a few dependencies in XP, but don't remember which ones.  And the XP had to have all the updates of course.  I didn't use Windows 7, but it should be fine.  I used VirtualBox as my Virtual Machine, and I think I allocated 4 GB of RAM and one core of my CPU to it.  I don't recommend XP though, because of the problems in finding a decent AV that will still work on XP.  Most of the major antivirus companies dropped support for XP by now, and of course there is the whole malware magnet thing going for XP.  Also, when there were kernel updates to the host OS (either Ubuntu or Linux Mint in my case), then the Virtual Machine would often have to be removed and reloaded.


What I do now, and it is much easier in my opinion, is to use WINE 2.x with Kubuntu 16.10.  It works with the LTS version, Ubuntu 16.04 Gnome and KDE too, by the way.  (When 16.10 support runs out I will probably go back to 16.04 myself since LTS support is 5 years.)  https://www.winehq.org/ The older WINE 1.x in the Ubuntu repositories required various dependencies and was a hassle for me.  However, the newer 2.x series of WINE works without having to figure out which dependencies are missing.  There are instructions in the Wine site on how to install the 2.x version in Ubuntu.  Make sure the default installation in Wine configuration is Windows 7 by opening a terminal and typing winecfg into it.  No sudo or any other command, just winecfg and hit enter.  Then the first time you open the .exe file in Ubuntu for Rootsmagic, Wine will ask to install 3 things, 2 of which are related to GECKO and I forgot what the other thing was.  Let Wine install those three things, and Rootsmagic should then install and work fine.


Either way, I would recommend having at least 4 GB of RAM, preferable more, in the computer.  When I ran Rootsmagic on Wine with a pc with only 3 GB of RAM, it would consistently use the swap when I would have Rootsmagic, the file browser, firefox, and a pdf book file open.  6 GB is much better with Wine, and I would recommend having 8 GB of RAM if you use a virtual machine on anything based on or higher than Ubuntu 16.04 because 16.04 uses more memory (1-1.5 GB usually with Dropbox and the NVIDIA driver installed in my case) than earlier versions of Ubuntu like 14.04.

#82535 Rootsmagic 7 with Wine 2.0 works on Ubuntu 16.04

Posted by uberdorf on 19 February 2017 - 04:29 PM in Tips and Hints

I had trouble with the Wine 1.6 from the Ubuntu repositories and Rootsmagic 7 on Kubuntu 16.04, and didn't want to track down the missing dependencies.  So I purged 1.6 and installed Wine 2.0, the latest stable version right now, following the instructions at the Wine website.  https://www.winehq.org/ It works fine without manually having to add any libraries, just change the default setting in Wine from XP to Windows 7 and install the stuff that Wine automatically pops up, like the two Gecko engines and something else.  I've tested this with Kubuntu 16.04 using stable 2.0, and Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 using the developmental branch (2.2 right now).


So if you are considering the Wine route on linux for Rootsmagic 7, Wine 2.0 works better as is than 1.x.

#81703 Problem with footnotes after ftm to RM direct import

Posted by uberdorf on 16 December 2016 - 07:07 AM in Discussion

Every time I have switched genealogy programs, I have dealt with my sources getting garbled.  It has gotten bad enough for me (I've used gramps, legacy, family tree maker, the ancestry.com site, and now rootsmagic) that now I am just going back over everything and fixing each entry even though I have 2000 people or so in my tree.  I don't know any other way to deal with fixing the sources, but perhaps someone more experienced with rootsmagic than myself has an idea.

#81588 How close to ancestry.com syncs are we?

Posted by uberdorf on 08 December 2016 - 09:52 AM in Discussion

Thank you for the information, I didn't know that it was announced that the deadline would be missed or that at least the API was delivered.  That much is appreciated.

#81584 numbering system for printed family group sheets?

Posted by uberdorf on 08 December 2016 - 07:42 AM in General Messages

Thank you for your help.  I just went with numbering the group sheet instead of the individual, so I have the branch, generation, and number within the generation.  H3-01 would be my grandparents.  If there was more than one spouse it would be H3-01-A or H3-01-B and so on.

#81583 How close to ancestry.com syncs are we?

Posted by uberdorf on 08 December 2016 - 07:38 AM in Discussion

I saw the update this morning and got excited that we could finally sync with our ancestry.com trees, then disappointed that this was not the update.  I bought Rootsmagic about a year ago in the expectation of syncing with ancestry.com trees, and it is almost the end of the year.  Does anyone know how close we actually are?  Please don't say "by the end of the year" because it is already at the end of the year.


My wife uses ancestry.com because she can work on her family tree with her mom and sister in another state, but still control the tree unlike the geni and familysearch trees.  We have had bad experiences with geni especially, and don't want to let other people we don't know change our trees around.  Ancestry.com has a good compromise we think between controlling your own tree and working with a few other people who know the tree well and share the importance of accuracy.  So this ancestry sync is important to us.

#81582 RM7 not Starting

Posted by uberdorf on 08 December 2016 - 07:22 AM in Discussion

I've never had this problem, but what I suspect is a permissions problem, possibly from an antivirus program.  Does your computer have an antivirus installed?  Which one?  Do you have multiple profiles set up, one with administrative privileges and the others being standard users? 

#81343 numbering system for printed family group sheets?

Posted by uberdorf on 12 November 2016 - 11:14 AM in General Messages

What is a good numbering system for a very large database?  I have looked around, but the popular systems seem really complicated over a large number of generations and people.  My database contains around 2,000 people last I checked, and goes back almost 60 generations. 


What I have done so far is to split the family into four families, for the surname of each of my grandparents.  Then I number each generation starting with my own and going back as far as I can get reasonable accuracy with good sources.  For example, Hamilton gen 3 would be my grandparents on one side.  The reason I started out this way is because my mom's side of the family is interested in my research, but not in the research on my dad's side, so I split off the trees for each family when sharing information even though they are currently in one database on my computer.  As for the numbering of generations, I didn't know when I started how many generations I would go back.


The problems I have run into is overlap between families and the varying number of generations removed one family can be depending on which way I am related to them.  So I recognize that I need to consolidate, at least down to my father's branch and my mother's branch if not just one branch for myself. 


Does anyone have a good system for numbering a large number of ancesters for easy reference when going back and forth between paper and database?