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#90203 Simple report/query

Posted by zhangrau on 21 July 2018 - 04:01 PM in Discussion

Reports > Lists > Individual List

[Create Report]

\/ Select from list

[Mark group] > Select people by data fields


Census - Date - Equals - 1800


[OK] [OK] [OK] [Generate report]

#90202 Showing wrong birth dates

Posted by zhangrau on 21 July 2018 - 03:58 PM in Discussion

There is the option of marking a fact Disproven or Disputed. How does that show in reports?


Those "proof" options have absolutely no effect on the report, only on the Edit Person display (where Disproven and Disputed are struckthrough in red.)

#90196 Showing wrong birth dates

Posted by zhangrau on 21 July 2018 - 11:19 AM in Discussion

Most importantly, marking a fact as Primary causes that one to be used in the age calculations. So, checking one birth fact as the Primary is not only reasonable, but important for accuracy.


I have taken two approaches, over the years, when I have multiple birth facts with varying dates:


 A -- After deciding which birth date I consider most-likely-to-be-correct, I document all of the others in the birth fact Note, and put all of the sources into the one birth fact, then delete all of the "extra" birth facts. Thus no need to mark anything as Primary, and my decision process is documented.


B -- Change all of the non-Primary birth facts to a custom fact type:


Name: Birth (Alternate)

Abbrev: Birth (Alt)
Fact type: Personal
Sentence template:
[person]<%, a male, |, a female, |, of unknown gender,> was born (alternate fact info)< [Date]>< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place]>.
And, since this is not a standard Birth fact, then I need no explicit Primary marking, and my thinking is still clear.

#90191 Conditional christening

Posted by zhangrau on 20 July 2018 - 06:45 PM in Discussion

If that's an issue you want a custom fact for, go ahead and create one. It's easy to do.


In 30 years of research, I've never heard of a conditional baptism. So I think it is probably quite rare.



#90099 Problem with images

Posted by zhangrau on 16 July 2018 - 12:54 PM in Discussion

I see no reason why your computer should repeatedly lose track of your media links. Perhaps you should call support, and speak directly to a tech.

#90097 Problem with images

Posted by zhangrau on 16 July 2018 - 11:30 AM in Discussion

The number of images shouldn't matter - RM's database engine can handle millions, maybe billions of links.


My main database has about 24.5K media files with 143.5K links. I have had no problems like you describe.


You've told us the subfolders for your files, but not the path to those subfolders. We'd like to be sure you are not storing media in a path that has read-only restrictions, such as "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Program Files (x86)"


Have you recently upgraded to a new version of Windows?

#90094 Problem with images

Posted by zhangrau on 16 July 2018 - 09:42 AM in Discussion

I've never heard of this problem.

Let's start with a very basic question: "in which folder are your media files saved?"

Maybe the answer will provide a clue....

#90065 Nondestructive Restore to the Same Folder

Posted by zhangrau on 12 July 2018 - 08:43 AM in RootsMagic Wish List

A simple solution might be to have RM append the backup file's creation date to the original filename. 

#90034 Enhanced Searching, Marking, and Unmarking for Sources

Posted by zhangrau on 09 July 2018 - 06:12 PM in RootsMagic Wish List

This sounds like the way that Find Everywhere treats sources. Unfortunately, Find Everywhere has no function to focus the search on sources - it only has it's single "global" mode. Last time I ran a Find Everywhere on my database, seeking a particular phrase in any source, it took over one-and-a-half hours to complete. On a suggestion from TomH, I went to List > Source List and [Print]ed the whole list, then saved to PDF. I was then able to use Acrobat Reader's Edit > Find command to solve my need. Total time? A few minutes.


Find Everywhere really needs an ability to "focus".

#90015 Genealogical "Closeness"

Posted by zhangrau on 08 July 2018 - 04:04 PM in Discussion

An algorithm to calculate your proposed CLOSENESS would be very complex. And, I'm willing to bet, will never satisfy a wide variety of interested folks.

#90014 Ancestry upload

Posted by zhangrau on 08 July 2018 - 04:02 PM in Discussion

 Kennedy Hospital Australia .


You didn't use any punctuation in the example. Should there be a city and state between Hospital and Australia?

#89984 Genealogical "Closeness"

Posted by zhangrau on 05 July 2018 - 06:17 PM in Discussion

You just couldn't resist throwing an insult, could you?

#89977 GeoCode oddities

Posted by zhangrau on 05 July 2018 - 02:33 PM in Discussion


.... just last week I came across a Place "just up from Aunt Sarahs house", I'm still trying to work out who Aunt Sarah is and where she lived.


<grin> I've also seen a few that fit the pattern of: "By the old oak tree where the Smith barn used to stand" - just kinda useless, eh?

#89971 Genealogical "Closeness"

Posted by zhangrau on 05 July 2018 - 12:07 PM in Discussion

"Closeness" in Genealogy.


For example, is a sixth cousin, 14 times removed, a closer relation than a seventh cousin, 13 times removed?




Here's how I look at it - but I'm not a medical DNA expert.


6 + 14 = 20 and 7 + 13 = 20


So there is no significant difference in kinship. Both examples are 20 generations to the common ancestor.

#89970 GeoCode oddities

Posted by zhangrau on 05 July 2018 - 12:03 PM in Discussion

Why can't Rootsmagic facilitate some user desires to have the word "County" inserted in reports without needing to stray from the present standard?


Why cant Rootsmagic facilitate inserting "LNU", "MSU", "Unknown", "_____" or whatever text string the user prefers in reports where a Given Name or Surname is blank, as it should be, therefore overcoming the temptation for users to convolute their name entry?


1 - I'm one of the RM users who prefers using County (and other such designators), so I turn off County Check. It is simply too annoying to argue with CC on every place entry.


2 - I have picked up snippets of GEDCOMs from Ancestry, WorldConnect, RootsWeb and a whole bunch of other internet sources. One thing I've noticed, but never tried to calculated the% frequency of, is that some GEDCOMs with missing Surnames come to me with the Given Name blank, and the Surname field holding the actual given name. And vice versa. I don't know if that's a problem with some other program or websites implementation of GEDCOM (which we know is very unevenly supported), but I do not think it happens during the RM import. So I avoid using blanks for Given Name or Surname.

#89956 RootsMagic Relationship Calculator

Posted by zhangrau on 04 July 2018 - 08:16 PM in Discussion

I'm pretty sure this is on the Wish List.

#89952 Transferring Media From RM4 To RM7

Posted by zhangrau on 04 July 2018 - 06:45 PM in Discussion



Your media files on on your hard drive, in whatever folder that you created for them.


As stated previously, RM does NOT import the files, it only creates a set of links (analogous to web links) and small thumbnails.


If you want to look at the files all together, you could use the Media Gallery, because that's what it is for.


Or, you might choose to get out of RM and use your favorite image viewing program. Navigate to your folder, and view your files.


'Nuff said?

#89949 Media in Reports

Posted by zhangrau on 04 July 2018 - 05:41 PM in Discussion

A couple thoughts in reaction....


1 - Census images are too big to print readably on an 8.5x11 page, but many other image types do quite well.


2 - My workaround for including images is to use the Reports > Publisher feature to create a book. This allows me to include lots of info that would not show in a simple narrative report. The Scrapbook chapter can be set to print for a Person, Family, Source or Place. When the number of images goes over 75, I tend to create a separate "companion scrapbook", because I've found thatmy readers get overwhelmed when the book gets to hundreds and hundreds of pages. I distribute in PDF format, and have had no problems with my readers being unable to access both the "main" and "companion" books.

#89925 merge sqlite 5 database locked

Posted by zhangrau on 04 July 2018 - 11:36 AM in Discussion

Make sure you haven't accidentally opened the same database twice in the same RM session. That will leave the first-opened file editable, but the second-opened file will be Read Only and should cause problems in editing, etc.

#89914 Transferring Media From RM4 To RM7

Posted by zhangrau on 03 July 2018 - 05:51 PM in Discussion

Start the "Fix broken media links" search in your Documents folder, and it will automatically scroll through any sub-folders. I am perplexed at your statement that you must fix links one-by-one. I've never had to do that.

#89895 Transferring Media From RM4 To RM7

Posted by zhangrau on 02 July 2018 - 05:45 PM in Discussion

I have more than twenty thousand multimedia files linked to my RM database. The earliest ones are dated in 2001, which was when the prior program (Family Origins) was current. "Fix broken media links" has several times been very useful in correcting my mistakes - typically renaming or moving a file from Windows rather than than within RM. I would not suspect that the tool is broken, but I haven't got a clear suggestion of what your problem really is.


I learned, the hard way, that I need to be careful to give every media file a unique name. Early on I set up a folder organization to place birth, census, city directory, death, etc., etc. media files into separate folders. It was a carryover from how I organized files submitted by my students for evaluation and grading. Anyway, the mistake I made, early on, was to allow 2 files, stored in separate folders, to have the same filename. Bad idea. RM's "Fix broken media links" doesn't look at the path & folder when it is trying to resolve broken links. So RM tried to incorrectly link a bunch of my mistakenly-identically-named files. What a mess I had made. It has been years since I learned that lesson, and with thousands of media files, I am still finding duplicate filenames to sort out. Some days, even with 30 years of experience in genealogy, I still feel like a rookie.


I suggest that you look carefully at the drive & folder location of your media files. Check RM's Tools > Program Options and verify that the Folders are documented correctly. Make sure those folders are not in the boot drive's system folders. Make sure that the media folder(s) are not designated as Read Only (Windows - Properties - Details).

#89893 New Update Makes Family File Unreadable

Posted by zhangrau on 02 July 2018 - 05:24 PM in Discussion

1 - new version is RM, you probably mis-typed


2 - read only status will exist if the same database is opened twice - the first instance will have full access, the second instance will be read only

#89872 Freezing when Closing Latest Build of Rootsmagic

Posted by zhangrau on 02 July 2018 - 08:15 AM in Discussion

I also running Win7 and RM and I have no exit problems. I always use the Exit door icon, not the red [X]. Perhaps that matters, or maybe there's something else amiss in your overall setup.

#89765 Any news on RM 8 complete rewrite?

Posted by zhangrau on 26 June 2018 - 06:46 AM in Discussion

Microsoft has experimented with "limited" versions of Windows before - that would not run full programs, only apps. Are those versions of Windows still on the market? No. Do I think that a new "app-based" version of Windows a will fare any better? No, I do not.

#89764 Help with symbol notation in the suffix field

Posted by zhangrau on 26 June 2018 - 06:43 AM in Discussion

I have no idea whether the * will "travel well".


But, I have always thought the use of the * as a meaning-carrying symbol in genealogy is a weird. After all, the * is used as a wild card in almost every computer-based search engine, so how does a search engine even _find_ an * ?


Since I don't use any form of coding in the surname or suffix fields, I also have no experience with doing such a search....