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#73472 Newbie Questions

Posted by lacrkeb on 01 August 2015 - 10:28 PM in Discussion

I am nowhere near tech savvy so not sure how all this will work.  I have an ancestry.com account but, with Windows 10 and Edge, I cannot use the FTM program and have been looking for another.  I think I will like Roots Magic but have some questions. 


1.  Do I still need to pay the monthly/yearly charge to search ancestry.com thru Roots Magic or can I cancel my sub to ancestry.com?  Are there other sites that offer the same info as ancestry.com?


2.  Can I upload what I've already started on ancestry.com to Roots Magic or do I need to start over?


3.  Can I attach facts/media such as info from Find a Grave to an individual on Roots Magic?


4.  Does Roots Magic have a "hint" system like ancestry does or do I need to search for facts on each individual person?


5.  If I upload a Roots Magic tree to ancestry will all the facts/media upload also?  If I make changes can I sync the 2 trees or do I have to manually make changes to both?


Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my questions.