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#80463 Long URLs from Ancestry.com

Posted by Serenity20061 on 11 August 2016 - 09:16 PM in Discussion

This discussion was prior to the announcement of the sync feature becoming available between Ancestry.com and Roots Magic.  How will the long URLs that change impact the sync feature with Roots Magic?  Will my links with documents on Ancestry.com get lost during sync?

#80462 Preparing for Ancestry.com Sync

Posted by Serenity20061 on 11 August 2016 - 08:57 PM in Discussion

I am so excited to hear that Roots Magic will sync with Ancestry.com later this year.  I have been tied to the FTM software for years because it was the only software that would sync with Ancestry.  FTM is NOT sync-friendly for large trees.  Over 90% of Ancestry.com user trees are under 200 people, so they build the program to their largest audience and have ignored the stability and efficiency needed for very large trees.  Roots Magic has been able to handle the large trees without a hitch (THANK YOU).  The ability to drag and drop people between trees is one of my favorite features in Roots Magic --- WHAT A TIMESAVER!!!! 


So my question is, what can I do over the next few months to prepare my data for the ability to sync between Roots Magic and Ancestry.com?  I have an Ancestry tree with over 90,000 people.  I am working on a county-wide tree in preparation for the county's 150 year celebration and don't want to find out later that all the "details" that I am adding won't import to Roots Magic or that the way I am recording place names will require a massive clean-up later to "standardize" place names to the way they are "standardized" in Roots Magic vs Ancestry.com vs. FamilySearch.  What about the way sources are structured in Ancestry.com vs. Roots Magic?


Any insight or tips that will allow me to clean up my data now to save time later would be greatly appreciated.

#80461 United States or not

Posted by Serenity20061 on 11 August 2016 - 08:16 PM in Discussion

I too have struggled with Place Names.  I have used several different genealogy software programs over the years and have yet to find one that adequately addresses the changes that place names have over time.  I am researching an area that transitioned from several different territories over time before the current state/county structure was established.  One family lived in the same house through the birth of all of their children but have 3 different "states" showing up as place of birth for children due to changes in boundaries.  I want to be able to use current geocode location for mapping and planning research trips. 


I have already discovered that "standard" place names vary with the software used.  (i.e. Ancestry and Roots Magic define standardized place names differently).  I have a large number of people who live outside of city limits and show up on census records based on the township and not the city.  The "standardized" place names just don't like townships and I always have to fix the geo-coding on them. 


I like the way RM allows me to add notes and media for a place. I would love to see this expanded further.  My "wish" for how places are handled would be geo-code based places that treat places similar to the way we treat people. --- the ability to add "alternate place names", events, media, research notes, etc. the same way we add alternate names, events, and media to people.  Relationships between places would allow for parsing City, Township, County, State, Country, etc.  Adding events to a place would allow rich historical timelines of a place to include in our stories.  Associating repositories and sources to the places would allow the creation of a robust research tool.  Place specific events such as "court house fire" would assist in identifying where primary records will be more difficult to find for early ancestors in that location.  Events that are associated with places rather than people are the year the earliest records are available for births, marriage, wills, etc.  For cemeteries, it would be nice to indicate what year the earliest or last burial in the cemetery.  No more wasting time hunting for a relative that died 20 years before a cemetery opened.  A robust place component to a tree would save time preparing for research trips and doing research in general. 


For example, the town of Xenia, Ohio has been hit twice by major tornados over the years that destroyed a significant portion of the town each time.  How do you attach the media files, stories, and events in the tree when no specific person is named in a newspaper article found about such an event or the photos of the event? If it is one or two people in the tree, no problem, but I have been working on a location-based tree with over 90,000 people associated to the county.  Adding the event and media to each person who lived in the location at the time of specific events just bogs down my database.  I would much rather have the ability to click on the place name to get more information to enhance the person's story or give insight into events that may have shaped the lives of the people I am researching.  When I find a new source for a person in the tree that ties to a location, the location timeline would provide a wealth of information that may lead to new discoveries for that person or family. 


Yes, I know -- the dinosaur in the mix -- GEDCOM.  The solution, add a GEDCOM PLACE NAME field as the PRIMARY place name for importing and exporting.  Most of the place notes and media don't transfer in GEDCOM anyway.  I would just like to have a genealogy program and research tool that gives me a way to track it all in one place instead of having research spread out amongst multiple programs and tools that are completely limited by GEDCOM.  Build for the import/export, but don't exclude features because they "aren't GEDCOM friendly".  I have heard about "a new standard" coming for the past 30 years and still we are tied to GEDCOM.  I think it is time for a company to build a software that IS the new standard.

#80459 Wish list item - Multiple Repositories in single To-Do tsak

Posted by Serenity20061 on 11 August 2016 - 06:10 PM in Discussion


In my opinion Rootsmagic has all the building blocks of a good research management system but the program evolution has simply left these fragmented and lacking in usefullness.


I don't want to side track this thread but multiple repository selection is one such enhancement easily dealt and I would hope it would be. Tagging people to Correspondence Items, live selection of Repositories and Sources in Research Manager and more integration are very much needed.


I agree!  The "pieces" of a good research management program is there, but the integration is really an area that could use some improvement.  I am still using Excel, but would love to see a more robust and integrated research log.

#80457 A Certain Awkwardness in Tagging Media to Sources

Posted by Serenity20061 on 11 August 2016 - 06:04 PM in Issues

I have been taking the same approach with sources.  If I don't have a copy, then I don't have a source.  I am doing a location based tree so have been transcribing census records and other local records for an entire county into a tree. Anything that saves clicks or scrolling through long lists is a definite plus!

#80456 Sorting in Index

Posted by Serenity20061 on 11 August 2016 - 05:54 PM in Discussion

I found the same problem with the sort in the index.  It gives the option to show alternate names, show birth year, and show record number, BUT it doesn't give the option to sort by first name then last name.  Adding the ability to toggle between first name last name OR last name first name is helpful when trying to find duplicates in the tree when there are spelling variations in surnames.