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#80927 To publish or not publish information about living persons

Posted by forty-two on 15 September 2016 - 09:06 AM in General Messages

I'm looking for guidance to help our reunion committee, with respect to publishing a history and genealogy that includes 10,000 people. The book will be published in both a printed and digital form, and sold at a price that covers our costs. We could donate copies to certain archives, libraries, and museums.


I think it's insensitive, unethical and possibly illegal to publish birth dates, birth locations, marriage dates, and marriage locations of our living cousins without expressed consent from each individual. Informed consent from young children is impossible. Not everyone on our committee agrees with me.


We're in Canada, and our book would mainly include living cousins in Canada and the US. In Canada, from a legal perspective, I'm concerned about federal and provincial P.I.P.E.D. Acts as well as the possibility of civil litigation for publishing personal information without consent. Of course, I'm also concerned about good etiquette and respect for the privacy and security of our cousins. 


This morning I found a post on another RM forum that says "As genealogists we know your name, date of birth, spouse name and a bunch of other information including mothers maiden name is considered public record." That surprised me and I wonder if it's true in Canada and the US. This might deflate my argument in favour of privatizing before publishing. 


Can anyone suggest links where I can find reliable information about our legal responsibilities to protect birth and marriage information?


I also welcome your own thoughts about the ethics of listing birthdates and marriage dates in our book without permission of each person listed.

#75641 List of requested additions/changes/bugfixes in process

Posted by forty-two on 11 December 2015 - 11:28 AM in RootsMagic Wish List



My wish list is as follows. I've offered some of these ideas in the past, but it's long ago.

  • The ability to Privatize more easily. With RM7, if I want to paste a privatized list of descendants of John Doe into the body of an email, I have to export my file to GEDCOM with privacy options selected, then import the privatized GEDCOM back to RM, and create a descendant report. Then I still can't copy and paste into an email. I have to save the file as an RTF, copy the desired text from Word, and paste it into an email. Then I close the privatized file and go back to my regular file in RM. That's a lot of steps. I think I ought to be able to temporarily privatize my file, create my report, copy and paste from RM to my email, and unprivatize my file ... pretty sure it was as easy as that in FTM ten years ago.
  • I wish there was a Back button in Family View in RM, so I could easily go back to what I was working on after looking up something unrelated or even after navigating to look at the family of a great grandfather, then wanting to return to the great granddaughter. If I'm not familiar with the family, I may not even remember the right children and grandchildren to navigate back to the great granddaughter, so I have to go to the Index and type her name to go back to her. 
  • I'm still hoping for genealogy software someday that can automatically change people from Living to Not Living based on a variety of parameters, such as if the person was born 105 or 110 years ago, had a child born 90 years ago, had a grandchild born 75 years ago, had a mother born 160 years ago, and so on. People might debate the parameters ... can we safely assume a person is deceased at 105 years? But I don't imagine it would be hard to incorporate code into genealogy programs, to follow the parameters and change the "Living" flag when a person turns 105 or 110 years old, etc.