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#96352 Using the same source for multiple facts for the same person

Posted by Paul Harris on 09 January 2020 - 08:52 AM in Discussion

Hi, Beth,


It really isn't weird at all. When you describe creating a Source Citation for multiple people at the same time, you are still referencing only ONE Event to which the multiple people are attached (1 or 2 principles plus witnesses). In order  to cite multiple events you need to create a new citation to the source, or make a copy and paste it to the additional event. The memorize and paste is a convenience tool to use when citing multiple events with the same source.



#95558 First RM8 Blog Entry

Posted by Paul Harris on 04 October 2019 - 09:30 PM in Discussion



Greedy people are never satisfied that they have enough. They’re like sharks that spend their entire life hunting and consuming. All the oceans in the world can’t satisfy these eating machines.”
― Frank Sonnenberg



And I thought I was expressing mere curiosity. Good to know I'm greedy and devour everything in sight!

#95545 First RM8 Blog Entry

Posted by Paul Harris on 04 October 2019 - 08:02 AM in Discussion

Five installations on the Blog between September 2 and September 23, 21 days/5 = average time between postings of 4.2 days. However, it has been eleven days since the last posting... Hmm, nothing new to show?

#95359 Sources Using Source Template

Posted by Paul Harris on 20 September 2019 - 09:52 PM in Discussion

Well, this is an example of new 'functionality' that I hope to see in RM8. So far, four blog posts have presented screen shots of the new interface, which is just a different way of presenting what is already in RM7. So far, no mention of new capabilities as far as I can tell.

#95356 Sources Using Source Template

Posted by Paul Harris on 20 September 2019 - 06:03 PM in Discussion

Anyone know if there is a way to configure a report to generate a list of Sources that use a specific Source Template?

#95329 Source Template Access to Person Details

Posted by Paul Harris on 18 September 2019 - 09:20 AM in Discussion

I have to agree with Jerry. What you seem to be looking for is a way to "link" the Source to a Person, directly. That is not the purpose of a Source. A Source is linked to Citations, which in turn are linked to "Information" about a Person or the Events in their lives. Additionally, as Jerry has pointed out, the Name field, or whatever it is called, is intended to record the persons name AS IT APPEARS in the Source. I wouldn't want it any other way, either.





#94627 Ellis Island & New York Place Details

Posted by Paul Harris on 03 August 2019 - 01:59 PM in Discussion

It may help to understand that each of the five Boroughs of New York City are also counties in there own right:


Manhattan     = New York County

The Bronx     = Bronx County

Queens         = Queens County

Brooklyn        = Kings County

Staten Island = Richmond County


You'll be hard pressed to find a hard and fast rule with any official authority. You may want to develop your own way of dealing with these, as within each Borough there are also neighborhoods, which act like a city subdivision.


I have chosen thusly:


The Bronx, Bronx County, New York

Co-op City, Bronx County, New York


Brooklyn, Kings County, New York


New York, New York County, New York

Harlem, New York County, New York


Queens, Queens County, New York

Ridgewood, Queens County, New York


Staten Island, Richmond County, New York

Stapleton, Richmond County, New York


Your mileage may vary, but anyone familiar with NYC locations should understand.

#93600 Range check error

Posted by Paul Harris on 17 April 2019 - 08:29 AM in Issues

Renee, that's exactly what it was–footnotes! Great advice that I will keep in mind, but I have already plowed on with so much work in the drag & drop database that I can't go back.  :huh:

#93575 Range check error

Posted by Paul Harris on 14 April 2019 - 06:36 PM in Issues

Are you using version under Help>About RootsMagic?


Yes, I am using that version.

#93541 Range check error

Posted by Paul Harris on 12 April 2019 - 04:09 PM in Issues

Drag and drop everybody to a fresh "as a test" database and try from there.


Gave that a try and it seems to have cured the old gal of her resistance. I have been aware of this procedure, but have never used it until now. Can I be confident that everything came over? Nothing left behind?

#93533 Range check error

Posted by Paul Harris on 12 April 2019 - 07:59 AM in Issues

I have an individual in my database that will not let me run an Individual Summary report on her. When I attempt to do so, she has the ability to interrupt it with a "Range check" error. I have run all database maintenance processes, yet she still crashes the program when I try to run the report.


Any ideas?

#93290 Release Date for RM8

Posted by Paul Harris on 16 March 2019 - 12:32 PM in Discussion

RM's long-standing business model has been to introduce a little flash and ask for cash.  Combine that with the uber-insulting "confirming this is on the enhancement request list" and you know exactly what Bruze Buzbee thinks of the customer base that has supported him for 30+ years.  I learned long ago not to be taken in by his flashy baubles and meaningless promises.




#93248 Any news on RM 8 complete rewrite?

Posted by Paul Harris on 13 March 2019 - 01:31 PM in Discussion

I'm beginning to think the silence is telling me one of two things:


1. Everyone who went into the Demo Theater had to sign a non-disclosure agreement...




2. What they saw, after all this time of making basic suggestions for improvements, not new features, was so ho hum.....


I will wait to see what actually does come about, but if Gramps had Citation Templates at this time, I would already be gone.

#92598 Name Field in Source Templates

Posted by Paul Harris on 22 January 2019 - 11:35 AM in Sentence and Source Templates

But how would you expect the software to manage the following:


- Mary Adams, formerly Thompson, previously Jones, née Smith?  or 

- Mary Anne Evans (alternatively Mary Ann Evans, or Marian Evans), a.k,a. George Eliot (the author)?


Women, like men, don't always marry just the once; and may also have have used multiple variant names.  Also, whilst, at first, your examples may appear 'normal', not all nationalities, ethnicities, religions etc. use the same naming conventions before, during or after marriage, has has been discussed numerous times in this forum


Quite simply, I don't.  ;)

#92597 Name Field in Source Templates

Posted by Paul Harris on 22 January 2019 - 11:02 AM in Sentence and Source Templates

According to Mills EE,



The discipline of genealogy uses parentheses to distinguish the maiden 

names of married females. In the case of females who have a succession

of husbands, the parentheses should not be placed around the other

surnames she acquired by marriage—e.g.,


Hannah (Baskel) Phelps Phelps Hill


Hannah (Baskel) (Phelps) (Phelps) Hill


2.72   Quotation Marks



The genealogical convention for writing nicknames is to place them in

quotation marks immediately after the formal name for which they 

substitute—e.g., Margaret "Peg" Monroe.


3.39   School Records, Heirloom Copies



As discussed in 2.72 and demonstrated above in note 1, nicknames

are conventionally placed in double quotation marks immediately after

the given name. They should not be placed in parentheses, because 

that convention is used for the maiden surname of females, as discussed 

in 3.20 and illustrated further at 3.37 and 3.40.




In the case of Mary Adams, formerly Thompson, previously Jones, née Smith, if I interpret the ambiguity correctly, would be listed as


     Mary (Smith) Jones Thompson Adams.


Of course, the Name Source Field Type cannot handle this situation in Source Templates. Breaking the name into three fields allows the appropriate arrangement for Source Citation.


<[GivenName]>< ([MaidenName])>< [LastNames]> 

   Mary (Smith) Jones Thompson Adams


or reversed


< [LastNames], ><[GivenName]>< ([MaidenName])>

    Jones Thompson Adams, Mary (Smith)


While I can't find a specific reference for it, I am doubtful that this would be an appropriate bibliographic entry with all three married names. I believe for Source Citation purposes that Mary (Smith) Adams and Adams, Mary (Smith) would be appropriate, but hey...

#92593 Name Field in Source Templates

Posted by Paul Harris on 22 January 2019 - 09:22 AM in Sentence and Source Templates

That's as I expected. I suggest you use a different convention for maiden name that does not suffer from the nickname ambiguity:
Linda Mae /Bosland (nee Begley)/


In the Bibliography that would be listed as Bosland (nee Begley), Linda Mae, which is still not the preferred format. Already created the separate fields for one template and works just fine, fully complying with Mills model. This is why having the ability to create your own templates is so important to me, and RM, with all its faults and limitations, is probably the most powerful program out there for creating templates.


Footnote: Linda Mae (Begley) Bosland, daughter of Martin Begley and Dorothy Lambert, ([address,] Flower Mound, Texas), interview by Paul J. Harris Jr., 31 December 1991; transcribed directly into software privately held by interviewer, [address,] Raleigh, North Carolina, 1991.


Short Footnote: Linda Mae (Begley) Bosland, interview, 31 December 1991.


Bibliography: Bosland, Linda Mae (Begley). Flower Mound, Texas. Interview by Paul J. Harris Jr., 31 December 1991. Transcribed directly into software. Privately held by interviewer, [address for private use,] Raleigh, North Carolina. 1991.

#92590 Name Field in Source Templates

Posted by Paul Harris on 22 January 2019 - 08:15 AM in Sentence and Source Templates

Tom and zhangrau, yes, that works, sort of...


In the footnote [Author] properly displays 


      Linda Mae (Begley) Bosland


But in the bibliography [Author:reverse] displays


     (Begley), Linda Mae Bosland


     But it should be listed as


          Bosland, Linda Mae (Begley)


Me thinks that the Name code used in Source Citations was never designed to list married women properly. I believe the only solution may be to create separate Text fields for Given Name, Last Name, and Maiden Name, and manually reverse the codes in the Bibliography:


Footnote: <[GivenName]>< ([MaidenName])>< [LastName]>


Bibliography: <[LastName]><, [GivenName]>< ([MaidenName])>


Surely, this isn't the first time anyone has had to deal with this issue in citing authored works!

#92587 Preparer info on reports

Posted by Paul Harris on 21 January 2019 - 05:32 PM in Discussion

I do not believe that is what I mean. Let me illustrate with an example I am thinking of, recently.


In setting up Source Templates for items such as Interviews I have conducted or Letters I have Received, the form contains name fields for the Interviewer or the Recipient. If I create Sources for each interview and letter I find myself entering my Name and Address info over and over again for each one. If I have a different address in the future I must edit each record. I could hard code the text for my Name and Address in each Source Template, requiring me to only edit the Templates to update the Address. However, if I could reference the Preparer Info about myself, i.e., [Preparer] and [Preparer:City], [Preparer:State], then I would only have to change the Address in one place, the Preparer Record, and it would permeate throughout all the Source Citations.

#92583 Name Field in Source Templates

Posted by Paul Harris on 21 January 2019 - 02:49 PM in Sentence and Source Templates

Hi Nettie,


I am talking about entering the name into the Name field in the Template. Yes, in the footnote it will let you enter Married Name, Given Name (Maiden Name), but when the Template reverses that for the Bibliography, you'll get ", Married Name Given Name (Maiden Name)." Not very useful.


The parentheses are only allowed to stick if they enclose the very last part of the name, otherwise, the parentheses switch to quotes when the first character is typed after the parentheses.

#92582 Preparer info on reports

Posted by Paul Harris on 21 January 2019 - 02:32 PM in Discussion

Renee, leads me to ask if there are any codes to access the preparer information in Source Templates? Could be extremely useful for address changes.



#92546 Name Field in Source Templates

Posted by Paul Harris on 19 January 2019 - 10:50 AM in Sentence and Source Templates

Perhaps the obvious escapes me, as it often does. However, I find it a bit perplexing when trying to use a Source Template for an Interview when trying to use the field for the Interviewee, which is the Name Type. My goal would be to enter a married woman's name with her maiden name in parentheses:


     Gertrude Elizabeth (Davis) North


If I enter the name as above, the Template output is:


     Gertrude Elizabeth "Davis" North


It seems to think that the contents of the parentheses is a Nickname.

I have tried preceding the opening parenthesis with a slash, but that does not work.

Any way to do this in a reasonable manner, or should I just drop the married name?