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#95809 Research Notes Report

Posted by angiekitz on 29 October 2019 - 07:49 PM in Discussion

Thanks for the response : ) I submitted the file.


I think it may come down to the fact type. One citation is attached to 2 shared residences and a birth fact and only shows up once in the Research Notes report. The conversion certificate is attached to a religion fact and a new Hebrew name fact and that citation shows up twice. So maybe shared facts are treated differently than individual facts?


Also, I've typically transcribed the source text into the source details and put my analysis in the comments and then copied and pasted that citation to all the relevant facts so if the Research Notes report is going to pull the source details for every fact, it's going to be a lot of duplicate text and I need to change how I enter the information.


I can work with it either way, but if I know what the report is pulling, I can be strategic with the way I enter my source details.

#95795 Research Notes Report

Posted by angiekitz on 26 October 2019 - 10:10 AM in Discussion

I'm trying to understand why sometimes the Research Notes report will only print a citation's detail and comment once no matter how many facts it's attached to (preferred) and other times it will print for each fact (messy). Does anyone know what the criteria are for the report? Do I need to change my report settings or my data entry style? Thanks in advance!