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#81503 Organisation Systems

Posted by mjski on 30 November 2016 - 04:40 PM in Discussion

I do it simply. I have a directory on my genealogy disk named Filebox. I make a directory using the RM ID number when I have a document that has a citation for that person, except for census documents. I place a copy of each of those documents in its appropriate folder. For example, I name the files, "ID300DC," ID300stone," etc. for a death certificate and a grave stone. For census images, I create directories for federal and state censuses, each containing specifics. For example, I have Federal> Ohio> Hocking> Falls> Logan for Logan (city), Falls (township), Hocking (county), Ohio (state).  The census images for Logan, saved in the Federal> Ohio> Hocking> Falls> Logan directory are named Logan(pagenumber), which corresponds with my citation in RM. For me, this makes reviewing previous research for a particular person simple. I have all the documents cited for a RM ID number in one place, while documents that may apply to multiple people (many of my folks are on one page in the census) are readily recalled.


All these complex systems for storing digital documents get in the way of doing real research. KISS.

#78362 Search on multiple fields with a kink

Posted by mjski on 01 March 2016 - 05:18 AM in Discussion

Any fact_place_contains_, Virginia
Any fact_place_equals_Virginia

This works perfectly! I guess I was making it more difficult than it was. :blink:  You guys are great! Thanks so much.

#78340 Search on multiple fields with a kink

Posted by mjski on 29 February 2016 - 05:18 AM in Discussion

I'm trying to create a group of people associated with Virginia. First I tried any fact contains Virginia. Nice, but it included not only those in Virginia, but also those in West Virginia. Then I tried any fact contains Virginia and any fact does not contain West. Got fewer, but still those in WVA. Is there any way I can separate the Cavaliers from the Mountaineers?