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#30631 Migration from TMG 7.04?

Posted by vkgm1934 on 17 October 2009 - 02:55 PM in Discussion

Presumably choosing:

Version: GEDCOM 5.5 and Character Set: ANSI

...is probably the best for import to RootsMagic 4.

Is the GEDCOMname.LST (created wherever the database resides) full of things that could not be understood/imported?

I selected the default of GEDCOM 5.5 and ANSI characters.

I selected all tag types, all names, and all events.

Here are some things (so far) that are problematic:

+ "Witnessed" events are not being brought over.
+ Only one tag of certain types is being imported. If I have four "residence" tags, for example... only one is being imported. The other three are dropped.
+ "Place" and "Place Details" are going to need a lot of cleanup. Otherwise, sentences don't make sense.
+ Several "Description" fields are truncated upon importing.
+ The interface of the RootsMagic frequently locks up for me.
+ "Anecdote" tags are not being imported at all.

I am beginning to think I should not have even considered switching.

#30626 Migration from TMG 7.04?

Posted by vkgm1934 on 17 October 2009 - 11:31 AM in Discussion

All, I am investigating how best to migrate my family tree data from TMG 7 to RootsMagic 4. I have seen the FAQ entry advising an export to GEDCOM, but I am finding the now-archaic format not doing a very good job of transferring all my data.

Is there any hope (advice) on how best to get my years of data from TMG to RM? If so, how? I would gladly pay for the transfer, if I could be convinced of professional (low-error) results.

Thank you.