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#96038 Adding footnotes to reports

Posted by Norm Lewis on 02 December 2019 - 08:15 AM in Discussion

Thanks all. Tom has pretty much captured the problem. Your suggestion of some unique text in the bibliography field that can be searched on once it is in word and then deleted was one of the work around I’ve tried. Another variation I’ve experimented with is to add text in the note field of the event and simple prefaced the text with FOOTENOTE_TXT. After exporting to word, I can search that text and create a footnote. Either way is a lot of post processing and makes Gedcoms messy. I just wanted to make sure I want missing something obvious.

Thanks all.

#96028 Adding footnotes to reports

Posted by Norm Lewis on 01 December 2019 - 10:19 AM in Discussion

I would like to add footnotes to reports for explanations, but not as sources.   I have tried playing around with creating source templates, but the only problem is that "footnote" gets added in its entirety as a entry in the bibliography. Has anyone found a work around for this - create a footnote (and presuming the only way is via a source template) without it generating a bibliography entry?  I have tried to just leaving the bibliography format blank in the source template creation, but Rootsmagic just defaults to using the entire text of the "note":


Thanks in advance,