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#47477 Publisher Book / Lists

Posted by wquatan on 05 December 2011 - 02:10 PM in Issues

Very interesting, wasn't aware RM is that powerful/flexible.

But ... I think we aren't talking about the same and that above hasn't to do with Lists and Reports.
Maybe I'm wrong ?

As an example what I'm talking about :
- under Reports|Lists there is a "LDS Ordinance List"
- under Reports|Publisher in the active Book via Add|List the "LDS Ordinance List" is not available

- under Reports|CustomReports I created a report "Myreport"
- under Reports|Publisher in the active Book via Add the "Myreport" is not available

#47471 FamilyGroupSheets - Sorting Problem

Posted by wquatan on 05 December 2011 - 01:38 PM in Issues

Tested by selecting from a list several family group sheets to print. They printed in alphabetical order, by husband, just fine. What settings are you using?

I feel stupid. Having tried and tested all sort of things yesterday to get it right and to understand the behaveour ..... I can't reproduce it anymore today !

Only remark I can add, is that I upgraded twice today (version of 3/12/2011 and 5/12/2011). Might be related to that ? Don't know.

Thanks anyway to try to help :-)

#47450 GEDCOM : Occupation / Death Description

Posted by wquatan on 05 December 2011 - 10:58 AM in Issues

In RM5, it's allowed to enter a very long Occupation-Description and Death-Description.

When they are exported to GEDCOM (OCCU and CAUS), they are exported in one long line and not split up with continuation lines (CONC).

When this is not supported by the GEDCOM-specs for these OCCU and CAUS, RM5 should only allow to enter the maximum number of characters.

BTW, when re-imported into RM5, everything beyond position 80 of the GEDCOM-line is truncated, as it should be, but with the CONC the whole description would have been re-imported (again, when GEDCOM-specs allow this).

#47449 Publisher Book / Lists

Posted by wquatan on 05 December 2011 - 10:38 AM in Issues

I created my own template, using Book, General [Source witnin a Source]
adt Book, General [Source within a Source]adt
Book, print version, authored / multi-authored, with role (compiler, editor, transcriber, abstrator, translator), edition; monographs, legal works, other published works; N.p. [no place], n.p. [no publisher], n.d. [no date] inserted if field blank

Ref: [EE, QC-12, p 647, with 648, 651, sec. 12.1312.20; EE, QC-13, 727; E!, p 66-71; CYS, p 31-35, 39-45]

This works real well for me. :)

I think I understand what you're achieving, but can't find where it should been done.
Could you please elaborate a little more ? And a "real" example ?

Would be great
Thx very much

#47438 Report Title

Posted by wquatan on 05 December 2011 - 08:56 AM in Issues

Some of the reports have the possibility to modify the Title others don't.
But they all use the [Title] tag in the header.

It seems that tags like [Person] or <Person> don't work anymore (ex : in the Individual Summary)

What are the possible tags (other than the selectable Date, Page, Title, ...) in RM5 ?

#47435 Publisher Book / Lists

Posted by wquatan on 05 December 2011 - 07:59 AM in Issues

Maybe I am overlooking something, but I can't find a way to include some of the Lists into a book. They (ex: the LDS Ordinance List) just aren't there for selection from within the publisher (book).

Same applies to special reports I made.

Because several people are working on the same Tree, I intented to make an Ongoing Work Book, with all kind of dedicated reportings.
Would avoid to have to do this manually every time, to have all of them neatly together with the index at the end.

#47371 FamilyGroupSheets - Slow Slow Slow

Posted by wquatan on 04 December 2011 - 04:34 AM in Issues

When I want to generate all Family Group Sheets for my database, around 534 Sheets, this isn't workeable.

It's slow-slow-slow, takes hours to accomplish the "generate report" ! Yesterday, after two hours of waiting and being at 50%, I went sleeping leaving it running overnight, meaning I don't know "how many" hours it took finally. To be clear, this ain't a one-timer, it's structural - repeatable, and PC performance/memory can't be involved.

It's a performance issue, which is degrading while sheets are processed, processing time per sheet increases(based upon the counter shown).

It's certainly not related to the Publisher as generating the Individual Summaries (with highest level of detail) for the whole database is completed within minutes, which is good.

Neither is it related to the creation of the Name/Place indexes. Having them deselected doesn't impact noticeable;

As a previous post of mine got removed, at risk of being removed too : I want to give an indication : in FTM2006 the same Family Group Sheets (imported from RM5 via GEDCOM) with the same level of detail take minutes (10-15?). I can't compare with RM3 or RM4.

As being not workeable, I really hope there will be looked into this,and that we will not have to wait till next release.

#47370 FamilyGroupSheets - Sorting Problem

Posted by wquatan on 04 December 2011 - 03:42 AM in Issues

When generating all Family Group Sheets (or sheets for a selection of the Family Tree) the sheets are sorted according the sorting criteria specified .... except one sheet, which comes on page one, completely out of order.

It appears to be the sheet corresponding to the person selected in the Pedigree.

This seems a bug to me, the sorting criteria should be in the lead when the sheets are generated.

#47186 RM5 Publisher

Posted by wquatan on 02 December 2011 - 12:14 PM in RootsMagic Wish List

I had sent the below to the support-email, but seems I haven't to expect any answer or reply :-(


I upgraded today to RM5 (from RM4 and before RM3).

I must say, I'm deeply disappointed, because of the important limitation still there in the Publisher.

It's still not possible to
- add the "Family Group Sheet" to the Book while indicating that the Family Group Sheets have to be printed for ALL family's in the database (at printing time)
- add the "Individual Summary" to the Book while indicating that the Individual Summaries have to be printed for ALL individuals in the database (at printing time)

Doing so, a book could contain some reports, all Family Group Sheets, all Individual Summaries, some lists, and an index also referring to the Family Group Sheets and Individual Summaries.

This is really not understandable that this is not possible.

It's the solely reason why, after some testing, I always go back to an old version of Family Tree Maker which gives always the possibility to select one or multiple or all persons in the database

Too bad for Rootsmagic, which is a great product (except for the missing language packs for reporting purposes)