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#50709 Alternate Name/Sidebar Index

Posted by munchie on 29 April 2012 - 11:41 AM in Issues

There seems to be an issue with the sidebar index as it relates to alternate names. If I 'add a fact' to an individual using 'alternate name' this name appears in the index. If I customize the 'add individual form' to include the fact 'alternate name' this name does NOT appear in the index. Am I missing something -or- doing something wrong? Thanks ...

#48944 PLACE DETAILS - management and reporting

Posted by munchie on 26 January 2012 - 04:24 PM in Discussion

I like the new feature/ability to now split out the Place Details ... thank you! However, upon completing each of the detail changes RM takes me 'alphabetically', to the 'new' place and does not return me to where I was in my place list. Can some sort of a 'bookmark' be added so I am not jumping all around in place list? For example: If I am splitting up ... Brown Cemetery, Tyler, Davis, Texas, United States (fictious names used) ... once Brown Cemetery is put under 'details', place becomes Tyler, Davis, Texas, United States. When I am finished with the change, RM then takes me to the 'T' section of place list (Tyler). I then have to navigate back to the 'B' section (Brown Cemetery) within my place list. To return automatically to where I was would be helpful and less time consuming. Thank you ...

#47343 Customized Form ... fact types

Posted by munchie on 03 December 2011 - 07:13 PM in Discussion

Under versions RM4 & RM5, the ability exists to customize the add individual/spouse/child/parent forms to include a variety of 'fact types'. Using the Alternate name and Reference Number predesigned facts, a date field is included, which I do not want to display on the form. I created my own 'fact type' for each without a date to be exported and without a date in the sentence template; and, the program still added the date field to the fact on the form. Is there any way or work-around that would eliminate my unwanted date field? Thanks ...

#47294 RM5 - County/State check & Living indicator

Posted by munchie on 03 December 2011 - 11:24 AM in Issues

Overall, I am pleased with the new release. Following several days of data entry to RM5, I am aware that the county/state check is NOT being performed on a marriage 'place'. Also, I don't think the 'living' check is considering any marriage date. Seems to me, if the marriage date is 100+ years from current date, obviously the partners are probably not living. Not big things, but they would sure help! Thanks ...