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#98137 Need larger Pedegree chart

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 09 September 2020 - 06:50 PM in Android

With all of the limitations of this application and I tried it on a tablet computer, I decided that a small format Windows computer with solid state memory is the real solution for portability to libraries and courthouses.  In my opinion, the real killer was the inability to do a direct cable transfer of data from a Windows system to an Android tablet.  I can move photos back and forth, but not my RM data.  Our small format Windows computer was about $225, but I have not priced current models.

#98101 Place Name

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 03 September 2020 - 06:52 PM in Discussion

But if I understand your situation, if the place citation is empty for a given fact, then you will need to enter it.


If you had edited place names from incorrect spelling to correct spelling, every use of the incorrect spelling will change to the correct spelling. It is not necessary to correct each instance of a place name.


Once you have the correct spelling, when you start to enter a place name for a given fact, keep entering characters one by one until the full place name appears.


I wonder if you have an earlier backup of your database, before you deleted the various spelling cases.  If so, and IF you have not made any other additions, retrieve the older backup copy. Then try edits on place names as suggested.


But if you have made massive changes since you deleted the varied spelling of place names, I think you are stuck with entering correct names from scratch.

#98082 upgrading to RM 7 from RM6

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 31 August 2020 - 04:22 PM in Discussion

I keep a completely separate set of folders for each version with names related to the specific RM version.


In contrast to Jerry Bryan, I rarely attach photos or scans.


I do have a new fact type for transcribed letters.


I try to remember to do a backup at each exit.  My entire set of RM folders is on my data drive F: except for the backup folder on the C: drive.  Every now and then, I go to the backup folder and purge all of the files for each month EXCEPT for the very last backup for each month.

#98060 upgrading to RM 7 from RM6

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 30 August 2020 - 04:35 PM in Discussion

As noted from my earlier post, keep the old version till you are happy with the new version. And keep an independent folder structure for each version.


WATCH the dialog as you install the new version to make certain that you don't delete the previous version.

#97825 Place Name changes

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 30 July 2020 - 09:03 AM in Discussion

Another suggestion for maintaining your Place List


Goto the option to print Lists/Place List  [x] Use check boxes as indicated.

1] Print All Places

[x] Reverse place name

[x] Print place details


The result will be a potentially long list of places.  The alphabetic sort will show a list with potential spelling errors adjacent to each other.

#97809 Can anyone tell me please?

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 27 July 2020 - 04:01 PM in Discussion

If you have set anything private in your database, anyone who has a copy of your file can see everything.

#97706 Running RM7 against a production database and a test database

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 13 July 2020 - 03:57 PM in Discussion

Create another user account on your computer.  Then setup the folders as desired in RM.  Import the test file from the normal account and save them in alternate user account.

#97682 Help with where to make notes for a person

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 06 July 2020 - 02:43 PM in Discussion

My gr-gr grandfather died in 1830 without a will. My gr-grandfather spent over 20 years in the mid 1800's  buying fractional interests of the farm from his siblings and nieces and nephews.  I finally gave up on verification that he finally ended with 100% of the farm.  My family now owns a portion of the farm.

#97631 RootsMagic 8 Release Date

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 25 June 2020 - 09:33 AM in RootsMagic Wish List

I actuially found a bug in RM4 with a pedigree chart that had the same ancestors in different branches of the tree.  It actually hung the computer in a loop and I had to use the task manager to abort RM.  I think it was on Windows 2000, but that was a long time ago.

#97114 Showing multiple marriage events in a Family Group Sheet

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 25 April 2020 - 12:11 PM in Discussion

For another variation, my father was James Kenneth B[….].  His variation on the middle name person was his first initial and middle name.

So he signed J. Kenneth B. and was sometimes known as Kenny.  I record his name as J[ames] Kenneth B. using the portion in [ ] to indicate that portion that he did not use.

#97024 Showing multiple marriage events in a Family Group Sheet

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 17 April 2020 - 09:42 PM in Discussion

I have a couple with marriage & divorce followed by another marriage & divorce.  As long as the events are entered with the same spouse and sequential marriage-divorce pairs, the family group sheet, the narrative report, and individual summary report the data as entered.

#96758 Geocoding

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 12 March 2020 - 06:33 PM in Issues

Even the 1940 US Census for rural areas in Ross County, Ohio, does not have easily identifiable locations.  There were no street numbers then, just Rural Routes without box numbers.  On the other hand, Columbus, Ohio, has street numbers and street names that can be located on DeLorme computer maps [wish they had not dropped the product], Bing, or Google..  However, the Interstate highway system in central Columbus has wiped out some of the old streets.


On the 1940 census, it is not obvious what route the census taker made for his/her rounds.  I know a handful of houses where families lived, but that does not help for the residents in between.

#96691 Working with a relative's large database

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 03 March 2020 - 04:54 PM in Discussion

I have been using RootsMagic since Version 1 and before that Family Origins starting with Version 2.


I have over 20,000 individuals in my database.  A 4th cousin also uses RootsMagic.  We have been thinking of working together on our common relatives.  To outline the task, if I make a descendant report for our common ancestor born in 1635, the report is over 900 pages.


I am embarrassed to say that trying to merge our data is such a task that I have not even attempted to start.  We have not compared notes on place naming conventions or how we do sources.  We each probably have stray family branches that are not in the other database.


Any ideas on the best way to get started on this task?

#96553 Sorting spouses

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 09 February 2020 - 07:53 PM in Discussion

Warning:  When you look at the census records and you have a second or third wife, there is no census clue that the current wife is the mother of specific children.


If you know marriage and death dates of prior spouses, you can usually make a determination.

#96446 Default Place Format

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 22 January 2020 - 10:12 AM in Discussion

Ohio has a good example for possible confusion.


Bellefontaine is the county seat of Logan County, Ohio




Logan is the county seat of Hocking County, Ohio


And the Post Office would not use either Logan County or Hocking County in the mailing address.


In my RootsMagic database, I use Union T., Ross C., OH for Union Township, Ross County, Ohio.  The single letter abbreviation for township and county plus the Post Office state designation  saves space and ink on printed reports.


My discontinued DeLorme Street Atlas 2008 has a nice feature of showing a green county boundary if I key  in just a county and a state.

I make extensive use of the place details for new entries, but have not gone back to separate the verbose entries made years ago into place details.


I would also note that at least for Ross County, Ohio census records for rural areas, there are no house numbers and few if any road names.  Post Office Box Numbers [such as Route 7, Box 1234] did not even exist until sometime in the late 1960's.  Rural areas now have house numbers just like city addresses.

#96413 File Location Settings

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 18 January 2020 - 04:44 PM in Discussion

There is another approach.  Create a new user account for Windows.  Then logout of your account and login to the account for your wife.  You start over with a blank slate for default file locations.


I don't do this as I have one unified RM file, but I did check to see if the initial file settings were the same as my account or were blank.  They were blank.

#96405 Organizing Facts

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 17 January 2020 - 03:31 PM in Discussion

On the general subject of city directories and assuming that you are looking at on-line versions rather than printed copies in a library, try this.


1] Reset the page count to page #1.

2] Then page through the directory looking at the index, listings of public officials, schools, advertisements etc.  Some of these tidbits might be hard to find in an on-line search and probably don't have anything to do with your family.  But it describes the time frame when relatives lived.

3] The Chillicothe , OH, directory for the early 1900's has listings for each Post Office Rural Route with descriptive text for the roads traveled with mileage per segment, number of residents, and number of homes.  Many roads have different names today.  Many road segments have been legally closed.  They also list the name of the mail carrier and the total miles per route.  And the Post Office had Sunday hours!  So if you have old letters in envelopes, you can identify the name of the mail carrier.

#96287 New Laptop

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 31 December 2019 - 01:21 PM in Discussion

Since you have copies of your media files on your old computer and since your old computer still works, the files definitely can be recovered, even if you have no functional USB ports on your old computer. Even though you are leery of  Dropbox after your OneDrive experience, I would still suggest using Dropbox as a temporary measure to get your files moved. It should be extremely safe if you do it as follows.

  1. You can create a Dropbox account for free on your old computer that will hold 2GB of data. It would be wonderful if all your media files will fit within the 2GB. If not, the files could be moved from the old computer to the new computer in batches that do not exceed 2GB in each batch. Creating the Dropbox account will create a Dropbox folder on your old computer.
  2. Copy (DON'T MOVE) your media files on the RM media folder on your old computer to your Dropbox folder on your old computer.
  3. Wait, wait, wait until Dropbox copies all the files from the Dropbox folder on your old computer to the cloud. It can take a while, depending on how much data there is and on how fast your Internet connection is. It could be a few minutes or a few hours. If it's a few hours, don't sit and watch it. Dropbox will create an icon in your task bar. If you hover your mouse over the icon, you can see how far along it is and you can see when it is done.
  4. Install the same free Dropbox account on your new computer. Don't create a second free account. You have to use the same free account. This will create a Dropbox folder on your new computer.
  5. Wait, wait, wait until Dropbox copies your media files from the cloud to the Dropbox folder on your new computer. Again, it could take a few minutes or many hours. It should take roughly the same amount of time as it took to go from the old computer to the cloud in the first place. Again, the installation of Dropbox will place a Dropbox icon in your task bar and you can monitor progress by hovering the mouse over the icon.
  6. Copy (DON'T MOVE) your media files from the Dropbox folder on your new computer to your RM media folder on your new computer.
  7. You should be done at this point because you have already made the file path on your new computer the same as on your old computer. But even if there were a file path problem at this point then Fix Broken Links should now work because the file names in your RM media folder should now match the file names in the RM media gallery.

I have been trying to think of any gotcha's that could cause you to lose the original good copy of your media files on your old computer if you follow this procedure. The only point of danger is step #2. If you were to MOVE instead of COPY by accident at that point, you would no longer have your original media files in your original media folder. The files would still exist in your Dropbox folder, but it's safer to preserve the original copy. So be sure to COPY and not MOVE at this point. The reason I emphasize this issue so much is that I don't quite trust Windows File Explorer or myself in this situation to use the drag and drop feature of Windows File Explorer. I'm never quite sure when it's going to do a MOVE vs. when it's going to do a COPY. So I always right click in the source location and choose the COPY option. Then I right click in the destination location and choose the PASTE option. If you do it in that fashion then it should be extremely safe.


The process should be extremely easy if your total amount of data is less than 2GB. If it's more than that, you might want to enlist some help from somebody with computer expertise to help you copy the files as I have described in multiple batches.





I take one little exception to your time analysis.  It applies to a DSL connection.  At least with our provider, download speed is ten times faster than upload.  I have no experience with home fiber connections or cable connections.  The local cable company that does not go by our house advertises a connection speed 10 time faster than our DSL speed.

#96272 New Laptop

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 30 December 2019 - 08:17 PM in Discussion

What happens if you take some new photo from your camera and store it in your media folder? Then link this new photo to some person.


If this works, you have a starting place to work from.  


Even better, maybe even create a new "Test" database with one person in it and link the photo to this solitary person.


With a new photo and a newly created database, it avoids all of your past attempts.  A fresh start.!!

#96216 New Laptop

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 28 December 2019 - 05:22 PM in Discussion

For either a new computer or a new version of RootsMagic:

1] Make a Folder for RootsMagic Version 7

  2] Under this RM7 folder, Make 5 folders:

       Data Ver7

       Backup Ver 7

      Gedcom V7

       Media V7

       Reports V7 


Then test your folder structure to make certain that all files get created in the correct folder.


If you have another disk in addition to the "C:" drive, make the backup folder on the second disk drive.  I suppose the backup folder could be on a flash drive, BUT you would need to have the flash drive available each time you plan to make a backup.  Of course you can do a backup to a flash drive manually without waiting for the almost automatic backup on exiting RM.

#96149 Not admitting new members to Forums?

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 19 December 2019 - 11:27 AM in General Messages

And this long-time user of the RootsMagic Forum has no intention of ever joining Facebook.

#95873 County check in North & South Dakota

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 06 November 2019 - 07:28 PM in Issues

I just discovered that Garmin purchased DeLorme.  There are no new releases of the DeLorme Street Atlas.  Sad!  It was a good product.

#95783 Family tree with everybody?

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 24 October 2019 - 04:13 PM in Discussion

I think I had posted this note sometime in 2011.  It is sort of related to the above comments and makes interesting Wall Charts and other reports.  In all honesty, some of the wall charts are so large that it is not practical to print them on 8 1/2 x 11 paper..


Suppose you would like a report showing color coded early deaths in your family tree.  For some arbitrary reason, you want to highlight deaths occurring from age 30 to 39.  It takes far less time to try this technique than to document how to do it.

1] Go to Tools and select Color code people

2] Select Clear all colors and click OK.  WARNING!  Note that those users who have created a permanent complex color coding scheme will want to do this on a copy of their permanent data base. 

3] Go to Tools and select Color code people,  Keep the default color Red or change it as desired

4] Click on People selected from list, click OK

5] Click on Mark group

6] Click on Select people by data fields

7] Select field death

8] In the second block, select age

9] In the 3rd block, select greater than or equal

10] In the 4th block, enter 30 to establish the lower limit

11] On the next line keep and in the leftmost block

12] Again Select field death

13] Again select age

14] Select less than or equal

15] Enter 39 to establish the upper limit

16] Click OK  RootsMagic will display the count of marked individuals

17] Try a pedigree report.  Any ancestors with a death age from 30 to 39 will be color coded Red.

18] Try a narrative report for ancestors.  Again ancestors with early deaths will be will be color coded Red.

19] Try a narrative report for ancestors and children.  Early deaths of aunts and uncles at each generation will be colored Red in addition to direct ancestors.

20] Try a wall chart showing multiple generations. Early deaths will be will be color coded Red.

After trying the above steps, it is possible to make a new selection for deaths occurring from age 40 to 59 or other non-overlapping age ranges.  Remember to change the color from Red.  I have not tried more than two colors.

#95296 7.6.1 Add mother to Child creates blank child

Posted by John_of_Ross_County on 15 September 2019 - 07:37 PM in Discussion

Try again with a test child#2.


Then click on Add Parents


Then add the father with data.


Then add the mother1 with details.


It seems to work better with this sequence.


mother1 dies


Now select father


Now click on Add spouse


Add Mother2