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#24049 Rootsmagic 7

Posted by Nannette on 24 February 2009 - 08:28 PM in RootsMagic 3

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I had to get a company to reformat my computer and, though the data was saved it appears I need to reload the program. I can't find my rootsmagic 7 disk. I looked on the rootsmagic site and all I see is rootsmagic 3. What happened to 7?

Also, several years ago when I purchased rootsmagic 7 and tranferred the info from Family Origins 6, I lost the source info etc. I was warned by rootsmagic that this might happen and that they would help me transfer it. However, went I sent into to have help with that, no one ever responded.

This was right after Family Origins had been sold and Parson's (I think it was Parson's Technology) decided to start rootsmagic.

Since I can't find rootsmagic 7 for sell anywhere, and I seem to have lost my disk, what would happen if I transferred the data that the computer company saved when they reformated my computer onto the Family Origins 6 which disk I have found.

Thanks for any help.