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#71565 Working with Markers

Posted by srichards on 20 March 2015 - 12:51 PM in Family Atlas

I have upgraded my Family Atlas program and restarted my computer. Do I need to keep the CD in the cd rom drive to use the program? I don't think so and have tried the program both ways.


As I start to import my rootsmagic 7 file I get the message "Access violation at address 0085AE84 in module 'FamilyAtlas.exe' Read of address '00000008'. I hit the button at the bottom 'OK' and it continues to load.


Then I click to 'add' a marker set. I can set the name for that set and the other things; but when I click on the list of names and start typing the name of the person I'm trying to find - it won't find the person. When that happens I will scroll down and find the person and click the box on their name and then I tell it to find all of their ancestors (usually just the '4' generations) and it says it has only found 1-3 people. I check on the people and other than the one I chose they are not direct line ancestors.


I am totally frustrated and don't know what to do next.......HELP!


Susan Richards


#65597 Drag and Drop question

Posted by srichards on 27 August 2014 - 06:21 PM in Discussion

Thank you Laura!

#65590 Drag and Drop question

Posted by srichards on 27 August 2014 - 02:25 PM in Discussion

I received a gedcom from a lady in Sweden. She created it off of MyHeritage.com. I couldn't get RM to import it after I created a new file to put it into. I ended up going back to MyHeritage.com and creating a new file in there so that I could read the gedcom.


When you talk about 'drag and drop' does that mean JUST between 2 RM databases or can I 'drag and drop' between a RM database and a MyHeritage file or any other gedcom from another genealogy program?


I checked in the Users book I have but when it talks about 'databases' it doesn't say whether it is between 2 RM databases....


I hope this makes sense.


Susan Richards