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#44595 Where to store an URL in RM?

Posted by cap624 on 23 May 2011 - 06:00 PM in Discussion

I will just have to do some extra fussing when creating the website by editing the .htm files to convert the "FindAGrave ID: 123456789" string into HTML code.

Like so:

search: \(FindAGrave ID: \)\([0-9]*\)
replace: <a href="http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr\&GRid=\2">Memorial</a>

Note that since my sentence template did not include the name of the person, I used a generic word of "Memorial" as the link text.

#44594 Where to store an URL in RM?

Posted by cap624 on 23 May 2011 - 04:46 PM in Discussion

The more universal (for other fact types too) alternative is pasting the entire URL into the Description: block and then making the fact sentence template read something like:

Find This Grave: /<a href=[DESC]/>[Person]/</a/>
Find This Census Image: /<a href=[DESC]/>[Person]/</a/>

If I paste the URL into the description, then the sentence is not exactly readable in a narrative report, so having the URL will only look nice when viewed with an internet browser, that is, it looks nice in one medium, but not all. Having just the ID in the description will look nice in all mediums (reports, website).

I'm leaning towards using just the ID for the above reason, as well as conserving space within the db - no need to keep duplicating 90% of the URL every time the fact is used. I know it's not a big deal in the long run, but not duplicating the same text appeals to me esthetically. (Now, if there was a way to create a universal constant that would only be defined once, then that would be great.)

And, I think I'll be generating more reports than websites, so I should gear it towards the medium that's most often used. I will just have to do some extra fussing when creating the website by editing the .htm files to convert the "FindAGrave ID: 123456789" string into HTML code.

In short, it appears that there's no good/easy way to display URLs in both reports and on the created website. Unless there's a switch that indicates what medium is being used (report vs. website)? Thank you all for helping me design this extra feature in my RM db.

#44590 Where to store an URL in RM?

Posted by cap624 on 23 May 2011 - 12:29 PM in Discussion

If you set it up that way then use the fact type on an individual and look at the sentence output in the Edit Person screen, you'll see that it gets scrambled: Click: a href="http://www.findagrav...=123456789"John David Doe/a

In other words, the crucial < and > are stripped out. I suppose you could search & replace to fix it, but it would be very tricky.

RM strips out the < and > from a sentence? Is that because RM is trying to determine if it's a switch? Or is it normal behavior to always remove non-punctuation characters? The Help states that a "/" escape character should be used to display special characters - would that work as expected in this situation?

The search and replace won't be tricky using Regular Expressions, as the URL has a fixed pattern.

It sounds like the most straight-forward, and easiest, implementation is to create a new fact type with a simple sentence of "FindAGrave ID: [DESC]". Then that solves two issues: it's readable and its value can be queried (meaning that I can query to see which records have, or don't have, an ID). After that, if I want to create a website with links to FindAGrave, I would edit the .htm files to replace the "FindAGrave ID: " pattern with the correct HTML code.

Thanks, all.

#44584 Where to store an URL in RM?

Posted by cap624 on 23 May 2011 - 07:03 AM in Discussion

Edit Role
Role Name = Principal , Sentence template =[Person] has a memorial page at Findagrave.com: h ttp://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=[DESC]
which would result in an output of John David Doe has a memorial page at Findagrave.com: h ttp://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=123456789

** Remove the space in "h ttp" (necessary here to prevent a live link)

Now, you can use your new fact type (Findagrave), enter the memorial number (ID) in the description field, and you're set. As mentioned earlier, the downside is that this will not create a clickable URL anywhere.

Thank you very much for the info!

Would a link be created if I embed the HTML code into the sentence, like this:

Sentence template =Click: <a href="h ttp://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=[DESC]">[Person]</a>

The downside is that displaying this sentence with non-HTML viewers is that the HTML code will be visible, making it a non-English sentence (unreadable).

So, what I could do is display the ID in a short sentence, as you suggest, e.g. "FindAGrave ID [DESC]" and then edit all of the .htm files before uploading them to my website to do a search & replace on "FindAGrave ID " to the appropriate HTML code.

I would use Textpad to edit multiple files at once.

Does this approach sound viable?

#44572 Where to store an URL in RM?

Posted by cap624 on 22 May 2011 - 07:35 AM in Discussion

I would like to store an URL to the FindAGrave website for each person that's in my RM database. I want to be able to report on whether or not an URL exists for each person in my db. I'm thinking that I need a new Fact Type, which would allow me to query who has a memorial page in FindAGrave, and who doesn't. I could then craft a sentence that includes the URL. I actually only need the ID in FindAGrave and could store the rest of the URL in one place, namely, the sentence. My goal would then be to have a link to FindAGrave in the narrative when I use RM's Create a Website.

Is this a reasonable approach, or have I overlooked an obvious solution? If a new Fact Type is the way to go, is there a forum discussion about how to do that? Thanks in advance.

#44420 Media Gallery

Posted by cap624 on 08 May 2011 - 07:33 AM in RootsMagic Wish List

Media Gallery: re-connecting broken links

Occasionally I will move a file in my Media Gallery to a different folder, and I get frustrated when RM spends a lot of time searching the entire drive, when I know where I moved the file to. I would like a "search this folder only" hint when RM attempts to re-establish the pathname to the file. That way, the searches will take less time, and RM won't be looking in all the wrong places. If the file can't be found in the given directory, then do a disk-wide search.

#36322 can't use my thumb drive's RM ToGo after upgrade

Posted by cap624 on 04 June 2010 - 07:06 PM in Issues

Is that sarcasm or a genuine thank you? It sounds to me that you have somehow installed the base version of RootsMagic on your thumb drive, not the portable version, so that every time you plug it into a different computer, it looks in the Windows registry for the unlock key and cannot find it. The portable version does not do that. I'm guessing that you need to reinstall RootsMagic on your hard drive. Unlock that version with the key. Run RootsMagic To-Go and from its menu reinstall RootsMagic on the thumb drive. That should result in the portable unlocked version being on the thumb drive. But if you're using Vista, Windows 7 or a Mac Virtual Machine, your mileage may vary considerably from my XPerience.

That was a genuine thank you - when I first wrote my question, I couldn't get RM ToGo to run at all on my thumb. And RM ToGo was the biggest reason that I chose RM above its competitors. Laura thought that I wouldn't have a problem upgrading after the last time, but I did, so I was writing to say those two things: 1) I cannot seem get RM ToGo successfully installed on my thumb drive, and 2) thank you for the workaround, otherwise I'd be exporting my data and buying something else.

And, yes, I'm on Vista 64-bit.

#36315 can't use my thumb drive's RM ToGo after upgrade

Posted by cap624 on 04 June 2010 - 04:42 PM in Issues

I installed the patch to my hard drive and then used RM ToGo to upgrade my thumb drive. After ejecting and re-inserting my thumb drive, it's still displaying the three questions (install Lite, purchase RM, or Unlock). I chose Unlock and used the key that I had squirreled away on the thumb drive. It's not a very clean demo when I'm showing my friends the beauty of carrying a RM database around on my thumb drive (having to enter the key every time), but it does the trick.

Thanks again for getting me up & running by re-entering the Key when I use my thumb drive.