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#70017 blank fields - find and replace with data

Posted by Dwight Jackson on 16 January 2015 - 11:11 PM in Discussion

I use ??? in RM in the name field if I do not know the surname or given name of an individual.  The gedcom process strips the ??? for a surname and I get (___, Ann).  Or I get (Jones, ___ ) for an unknown given name. When I download a gedcom file of my database from Ancestry, the missing information for the surname and given name fields has to be added again.


I can't even convert the ???'s to read something like "surname unknown" or "given name unknown" after the gedcom file conversion because the ???'s are now gone.  All I have are blank fields for the surname field or given name field of data.  Any suggestions on how to universally insert data into a blank field without having to edit thousands of individual records?

#63231 source citations duplicated

Posted by Dwight Jackson on 01 April 2014 - 03:05 PM in Issues

I am currently using Version

The problem that I referred to several versions back is still unfixed. It had to do with footnotes duplicating when printing a narrative report.

I remember having to repeat myself multiple times as well as sending a copies of my database before anyone comprehended. Finally, someone wrote and said (if I recall correctly) that it was a problem with the compiling of your software through a third party vendor and it would require checking millions of lines of code.

Here it is three years later and the problem still persists. Can someone please tell me why this problem cannot be fixed?