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#81342 Search and replace citations

Posted by Jonathan589 on 12 November 2016 - 09:24 AM in Discussion

Thank you for your reply Tom. The basic text-replacement in a GEDCOM file works immediately just as you said. I'm experimenting with ways to do more than one replacement at a time and also to re-import the data without losing shared facts and so on. I've a programming family member so will work on him with your other suggestion.


Cheers, Jonathan

#81331 Search and replace citations

Posted by Jonathan589 on 10 November 2016 - 02:44 PM in Discussion

I do like Find Everywhere and Search and Replace. Is there a way of uniting these two tools to change citation references? Finding things is easy, although the print of uses of a reference is no help at all; it just lists that (say) 24 of a particular citation are Out There but not saying where. S&R is also easy but it only works on certain items.


I'm renaming the references to a set of sources and would like to be able to change the page ref inside the source. To be specific the source is 'OPR Dingwall' containing hundreds of references of the form '029_CH62/1_Bv_1684', each used maybe a couple of dozen times for different people, and I want to change them to a new reference '062/00 0010 0030'.


I still haven't bitten the bullet to become a SQL expert; is this what I need to do now?