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#96295 Edit properties of multiple chart boxes

Posted by Jonathan589 on 02 January 2020 - 01:36 PM in Discussion

Thank you Renee, and I was aware of that way and also drawing a marquee around a bunch of boxes to select them. It's perfect as a quickie way to adjust box sizes but if you have loads of them on the sheet and you adjust them by eye and then add other boxes copied from another file and then change your mind about part of them, it becomes useful to use the properties to make boxes a specific size.


One can change the default properties on setting up a new chart but I fancied changing the size properties of a number of boxes simultaneously like one can with the font or line thickness.


(This is not a vital operation for me, just something I occasionally hit when setting up some complicated charts.)


Cheers, Jonathan

#96270 Edit properties of multiple chart boxes

Posted by Jonathan589 on 30 December 2019 - 06:11 PM in Discussion

The default size of boxes on any wall chart is generally fine for me, but now and then I'd like to alter the sizes of many boxes at the same time. For example a chart may have scores or even hundreds of boxes where I just want to show the name of each person, and make all the boxes smaller. Is there a way to select a collection of name boxes and edit the properties to (say) make them all one inch square, or to copy the properties of an adjusted box into the properties of a pile of other ones?


Thanks, Jonathan