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#14930 new and need help

Posted by Paddy on 03 August 2006 - 03:04 AM in RootsMagic 3

QUOTE(aznever @ Jul 31 2006, 06:56 AM) View Post

sad.gif Have just purchased RootsMagic 3.2.2. online.Followed instructions, downloaded the software from the website,installed to my PC, unlocked with my registration key ......up to here fine. Have created my first database and first entry however when I try and add facts,edit or anything in that window then a computer message appears warning me that an error has ocurred and RootsMagic must close. I have tried uninstalling the application,restarting computer and downloading again from the website and going through all installation process again. This has not changed anything I still get the same problem. I have Windows XP on a Pentium 4 computer.
Can anyone enlighten me to what I am doing wrong please. Is this perhaps a faulty download from the website? Very annoying and very confusing considering I purchsed the software only 2 days ago.

I have been in that situation or similar ones plenty and it is frustrating especially if no one replies to your message. So though I don't know if I am able to help or not, we are listening. I suggest you copy and post the actual error message to this site so others can see it or at least know what it said. May help. Also you could contact technical support by clicking on the help tab in RootsMagic. It realy is worth the effort and I hope you get it sorted out quickly. I will watch this site for your posting.
Good Luck

#14601 e-mail GEDCOM

Posted by Paddy on 14 July 2006 - 08:08 PM in RootsMagic 3

QUOTE(Julie @ Jul 3 2006, 08:37 AM) View Post

So how do I attach a backup to an e-mail? I've got a saved folder through my server and have always been able to access things from there even after a computer crash. I'm desperate at this point. I've been reentering data all afternoon and haven't made a dent yet. There's got to be a better way..... dry.gif

You can also right click on your back up folder and then click send to and then mail recipient, choose your email account from there. I recomended Yahoo as it has a 1 GB email account and worked well for me.