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#62214 Opening version 4 database in version 6

Posted by Searcher on 30 January 2014 - 03:57 PM in Discussion

New wrinkle in this thread. I have created all the separate folders within Documents and then went to Program Options to point to those appropriate folders as defaults. I established my folders separation for RootsMagic4 and RootsMagic6. I have shortcuts on my Desktop for RM4 and RM6.

The new wrinkle is that if I go through the RM4 shortcut on the Desktop I get to the Welcome screen that asks what I want to do and I can open all the RM4 databases therein successfully. However, if I follow the Documents\RootsMagic4\RM4 Data\filename.rmgc path, RM6 opens leading to the conversion warning about the older database and I don't see a way to open RM4.

What am I doing wrong now? Doesn't make sense to me that I can click on a version 4 .rmgc file via the shortcut path on my Desktop and go where I intend to go but yet if I click on a version 4 .rmgc file in the Documents path I get taken to RM6 with a warning that I can't get to version 4. Ultimately It's the exact same version 4 .rmgc file.

#62071 Opening version 4 database in version 6

Posted by Searcher on 17 January 2014 - 02:12 PM in Discussion

Renee, in response to your last posting to this thread:
Longer path is several segments between backslashes. Shorter path is few segments between backslashes. FilenameRM6.rmgc is as short as you can get (no backslashes).

What is the purpose of the tildes in your examples?

In your RootsMagic Data file example I interpret “Data” as one of your subfolder names to contain only a rmgc file?

In your Backup files example at the very end of the path you have “RM6-backup I suspect that the dash should have been a backslash?

I can’t wrap my brain around the concept that the subfolders (Data, Backups, GEDCOM, etc) are supposed to be within the “C:\Program Files\RootsMagic 6" folder in Explorer. Am I misunderstanding? I don’t see “Program Files” in your example paths. What I do see is a Documents path originating under Libraries. (Win7)

In the “Welcome to RootsMagic what would you like to do?” screen I have two “open” choices. One appears as
The other simply appears as “FilenameRM6.rmgc”.
When I click on the “open FilenameRM6.rmgc” choice, across the top of the screen of the opened database appears “C:\Users\John\Documents\FilenameRM6.rmgc”. What steps should I take to get the first one changed so it appears same as the second in the “Welcome” screen? (Shorter path)

#62068 Opening version 4 database in version 6

Posted by Searcher on 17 January 2014 - 11:07 AM in Discussion

I got back to this issue and report that when I went into Explorer to set up separate folders for RM4 and RM6 as explained by Renee I found them already there. Apparently done by the installation process automatically.

For as long as I have had RM4, when opening the program to the screen to select which database I want to open the links appear in the path: C:\Users\John\Documents\RootsMagicDatabases\(Filename)RM4backups\(Filename)RM4.rmgc. These are folders I established myself for holding my backups under Win7>Libraries>Documents. I have no idea how this path got to where it is in RootsMagic. However, the database paths appearing now in RM6 are mixed. One of them is the long version as I have in RM4 and one of them is simply (Filename)RM6.rmgc.

I'd appreciate theories about how I probably caused the long path both originally in RM4 and when a database was copied to RM6, and how I can change them to the shorter path. I suspect that a long time ago I must have created the database with the long path name, but can't imagine why. It seems to me that I would have to delete the database with the long path, which scares me to death because of risk of losing a database, and create a new file with the shorter path. I am fairly computer literate and have used this software every version since FamilyOrigins5, except that I skipped RM5, but when I think about losing a RM database by some careless move on my part my knees turn to jelly! File name management is not a strong suit. Input eagerly welcomed.

#62043 Opening version 4 database in version 6

Posted by Searcher on 13 January 2014 - 07:20 PM in Discussion

I did get my version 4 file restored back to availabilty in version 4 without doing a GEDCOM. Don't ask me to describe how I did it because I can't.
I do know that .rmgc is an "active database file" and .rmgb is a backup file, I just don't know why there are separate files and what their separate functions are except that we restore backups, not databases. Are backups not databases???
It will be a couple days before I can try what Renee described, but I have hopes now!
Thanks to both of you for the help.

#62038 Opening version 4 database in version 6

Posted by Searcher on 13 January 2014 - 05:06 PM in Discussion

Alfred, I thought I was doing what you said but I think I am really screwed up now. When I said "simple please" I meant simpler than what you said, I guess! :mellow:

So now when I open RM4 and select my file I get the message "This database was created with a more recent version of RootsMagic than you are running. You will need to upgrade your copy of RootsMagic in order to open this file."

When I open RM6 and select from the list of files I see the one named "C:\Users\myname\Documents\RootsMagicDatabases\(name)RM4.rmgc. That's the place where I collect my backups. I guess that indicates it now thinks that "RM4" is part of the name of the file.

Where we are is that I have my file now available in RM6 but no longer available in RM4. I don't want to jeopardize anymore of my RM4 files, so lets go back to "simple please". Can you give me a step by step of what I need to do to get my database files available in both versions of RM? Thanks.


#62035 Opening version 4 database in version 6

Posted by Searcher on 13 January 2014 - 03:07 PM in Discussion

This is probably already in the message board but I am unable to find it. I want to continue to keep version 4 on my computer while also running version 6. I do not want a "no return" situation where I don't have version 4 databases anymore to open in the version 4 program. I have multiple databases.

When I installed version 6, I clicked out of the automatic database conversion by selecting "cancel". I was successful (somehow) keeping version 4 available. Now i can't figure out how to open version 6 and get a version 4 database opened there. I thought I could do a restore from a duplicate RM4 backup which would convert in the process, but found out not.

Simple please. Thanks.