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#486 Census (Fam)

Posted by BlueSkies on 03 May 2004 - 07:39 PM in RootsMagic Wish List

I would like to add to your wish list. Not only would I like to see the children displayed but I would like to enter the data that is on the Census for each person in a form. The form would be appropriate to the census year ( at least for the US Census... 1790, 1800....1920, 1930). Also, it would be great if a person living in the household could be added as a new person or via a search from the database.

I currently enter the census data in a spreadsheet and find the data invaluable when looking at various family members but it is very time consuming. It would also be nice to able to print out the data by Family/Dwelling number or sheet numbers or by family or for a person for his/her life span. (I don't want much wink.gif ). Maybe this could be in Version 4 or 5. smile.gif

Version 2 sounds great! Thanks.