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#89724 Need to "Merge" Fact types

Posted by rschreff on 22 June 2018 - 06:22 PM in Discussion

Been using RMG since about 2005, I can't remember when I had to go to this extent to write here....

My database now has over 42,000 individuals, over the years, large chunks have come in via trusted GEDCOMs, apparently, in other software they are also allowed to make custom fact types....so when I merged their GEDCOMs into mine, their custom fact types also came along...the annoying part is that they are so close in name to the inherent RMG fact types, that it now clutters up my fact type selection list...best would be able to merge these rogue alien fact types with the RMG ones, just like when I merge places in a place list that seems redundant etc....then, to make it even better, is to somehow highlight which fact type is native to RMG, maybe make it bold in the list, so that the alien fact types stick out and I can then do a merge...


Am I off base here or have I found a useful merge?


Thanks for the help.