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#96685 Publisher Book Organization

Posted by Rick Landrum on 03 March 2020 - 08:43 AM in Discussion

I have never produced anything in Publisher that I have taken to a family reunion or anything like that. I probably will some day.  But I have played with it quite a bit. It's a really nice feature. I think it's much underutilized by RM users, perhaps because the learning curve can seem a little steep.


My two biggest concerns with Publisher are that it produces endnotes per chapter rather than endnotes for the entire book, and that it only includes chapters that can be produced as reports from within RM. I wish it could include a chapter that I produce in Word. The 75 page book that I take to a family reunion every year is actually two different files. One of them is a DOCX file produced entirely in Word without any input from RM at all. It contains formatting and the mixing of text and images that simply cannot be accomplished by RM. The other one is an RTF file produced by RM and cleaned up with Notepad++ and Word. It is basically a descendant narrative report using the register format. I make it work, but I have written extensively of certain issues that could be improved - better control of white space and the spouse sentence, carrying certain people forward to the next generation even though they do not have a spouse or children, the XE bug, and the ability to include spouses of spouses and half siblings. I will be curious to see if any of these issues are addressed in RM8.


Another issue is the index. My manual DOCX file is not indexed at all. I need to learn how to do some automatic indexing for it. Manual indexing would be too time consuming. Indexing my DOCX file is on me, not on RM. And even in the RTF file produced by RM, I would like better indexing. RM does produce a very good Name Index and Place Index even though the XE entries have a bug that I have to clean up. But there is no good way to index information that appears in Notes or Description fields. Despite these limitations, I think that the reports from RM that I take to family reunions look very professional and are easy to read and use. I use the phrase "meets my needs" a lot, and RM does meet my needs for this kind of reporting.





Thanks for the comments. I am experimenting with various organizations and content to see what works best. For example, I used a medium sized family line, that I had "finished" researching, and followed the earlier listed template. It resulted in a PDF document about 150 pages in length for one family line. At this rate my entire family, with all lines, would create books totaling an enormous size. I thought that creating a separate book for each direct ancestor surname would work, but that has the concatenation issues you mentioned concerning indexing and endnotes. I will probably just try to cut down on content for the "readers" in my family, and offer a database to others who can use either a subscription, or the free, version of RM to review the data.


#96679 Publisher Book Organization

Posted by Rick Landrum on 02 March 2020 - 04:21 PM in Discussion

Looking for book organization suggestions.


I am working on my first family history project using RM Publisher. I am past the first hurdle, which was learning how to use the Publisher function. My second hurdle has been determining the best way to organize a book. My objective is to develop a template that works for publishing a family history, for one of my family lines, that can be saved to a PDF and distributed to other family members. (Many of these family members want a printed version of the history, and are not into using the data base).


I recognize that Publisher does not allow  concatenation of multiple books togather, unless you "stack" them within the same book creation, so I would then  create a second book for another family line, etc., etc.


I have developed a template, as I created my first book: 

I) Cover Page with Patriarch photo
II) Preface
[Note: The focus of  this publication is the "subject family" surname. The spouses of direct "subject family surname" ancestors will have Ahnentafel lists of ancestors of that spouse included in this book. Additional information regarding the spouses of non-direct family members, with different birth surnames, may be found in the family histories for those family surnames.]
III) Table of Contents
IV) Patriarch Direct Ancestor
Patriarch Direct Ancestor Ahnentafel List (10 generations)
Individual Summary
Box Chart - Spouse & Decendants of Family Patriarch (3 generations)
V) Direct Spouse Ahnentafel List (10 generations)
Individual Summary
Scrapbook - Direct Spouse
VI...Vn) Individual Summary - Child #1
Scrapbook - Child #1
(Repeat for Child #2 ...Child #n)
VII) Index of Names
VIII) Index of Places

Short of asking for a "Publisher Organization for Dummies", any hints as to how to improve upon this would be greatly appreciated.



#96628 Relationship Chart for one brank of family line

Posted by Rick Landrum on 24 February 2020 - 09:15 AM in Discussion

Thanks guys for the suggestions. I'll give them a try, but I'm very "gun shy" when it comes to "convoluted messes" and RM7. (been there done that). My goal was to insert a chart in my Publisher book chapter that shows both the parents of my principle chapter subject, and also shows the children of the subject. I have come up with an acceptable solution, but it adds extra pages to the chapter. I start with a Relationship chart, limited to the principle subject and his/her parents. I then add a descendent Box Chart, starting with the principle subject, his/her spouse, and going down 2 or 3 generations.  This method works, but it is not as clean as I would like.


Thanks again,


#96622 Relationship Chart for one brank of family line

Posted by Rick Landrum on 23 February 2020 - 05:06 PM in Discussion

Sorry, meant to say "Relationship chart for one branch of family line"

#96621 Relationship Chart for one brank of family line

Posted by Rick Landrum on 23 February 2020 - 05:01 PM in Discussion

Quick question.....


I am trying to produce a chart in RM7 that would include the following:

1) Starting ancestors (say grandfather and grandmother)

2) Include only one of their children, their spouse, and children (other siblings to be on different charts)


I am creating a Publisher chapter for each of the children of the grandparents, and I want a chart to show the relationship from the grandchildren, back through the parents, back to the grandparents, without listing the person's other siblings.and their children.


I have tried to use the Relationship Chart for this purpose and include it in a Publisher Book (chapter) for one of the siblings, but the settings do not handle the grandchildren. I would have to create a separate chart for each grandchild going up to the grandparents. I have been unable to find a report type that would do this.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.