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#65853 Research Logs?

Posted by kcard on 10 September 2014 - 09:25 AM in Discussion

I'm a fairly new user to RM. I used it in the past but switched to Legacy via Parallels on my Mac. When I saw that I could use RM via MacBridge, I switched back and plan on using RM for all my research/genealogy from now on.


So, that little intro finished, I'd like to know how others make use of Research Logs? I understand that they are used to record research you have already done. I guess my question really is, do you make one log for each person and record all work you do on him/her? Or, do you make one for, say John Jones - census and another for John Jones - marriage, etc.? I'm interested in what seems to work best before I dive into it and have to change things later on. 


Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks!

#65852 MacBridge font?/unlock

Posted by kcard on 10 September 2014 - 09:15 AM in RootsMagic for Mac

For a font, I'm using Constantia 18 and 16. I feel that it works well. BTW, I also ran into that problem of having to Force Quit. Besides the red button, I also found that clicking the door (Windows exit) then choosing either to backup or skip, exits the program also. Not very Mac-like but I think this is a work in progress. I'm looking forward to future improvements and DEFINITELY the Mac version!



#65816 MacBridge for RootsMagic

Posted by kcard on 08 September 2014 - 03:35 PM in RootsMagic for Mac


Still a mystery to me. Run the File>Database Tools all options in consecutive order to see if that makes any difference.

OK. I did that. The first three tests ran quickly and were OK. When I ran the compact database, I got an error message "RM has encountered an unexpected error:  SQLite Error 1 - cannot VACUUM - SQL statements in pr." I sent the error report to RM. Then tried again to compact ..... It has been at it for an hour now with no change. Is that normal? My database contains about 9500 people and is 23 MB. How long should I let this compacting go?

#65812 MacBridge for RootsMagic

Posted by kcard on 08 September 2014 - 12:02 PM in RootsMagic for Mac



You manage and display groups primarily from the Groups tab on the sidebar. There is also the ability to filter by groups in the People View and to manage groups from Search in the menu bar (Search -> Named Groups -> Manage Groups).


To create a new group (or edit an existing group) to contain people buried in a particular cemetery, you will need to Mark Group -> Select by Data Fields and then use a criterion similar to what you have already done where Burial Place Contains [CemeteryName].


Having made the Group, you can make a custom report of everybody in the named Group, selecting the fields you want - usually things like first name, last name, etc. Or you can just put that Group into the Group sidebar and scroll up and down through the sidebar.





Thank you so much!!!! That was a feature I couldn't find and hadn't noticed before. I followed your directions and I'm a happy camper. Thanks again!



#65811 MacBridge for RootsMagic

Posted by kcard on 08 September 2014 - 11:57 AM in RootsMagic for Mac

Renee .... I just noticed something else regarding this issue ...... WHEN I see this behavior,


1) Select a Fact on the left which makes the details for the Fact show on the right

2) Clicking in a field for the details, such as Date

3) The fact on the left that lies directly on the same horizontal level as the field I just clicked in is where the selection gets moved to.

4) As an example, I just selected an Occupation fact. When I click in the Date field on the right, the selection jumped to the individual's name on the left...... which was the field on the left that was on the same line. 


This seems to be happening about 40% of the time.

#65809 MacBridge for RootsMagic

Posted by kcard on 08 September 2014 - 11:40 AM in RootsMagic for Mac


So far I don't have anyone else reporting this issue. I will watch to see if there is a pattern. For now I'm not sure why that is happening. Are you only seeing this behavior using MacBridge for RootsMagic, and not when you were using RootsMagic with Parallels on the Mac?

It only happens in MacBridge for RM. RM under Parallels works as expected. 

#65801 MacBridge for RootsMagic

Posted by kcard on 07 September 2014 - 09:21 PM in RootsMagic for Mac

Laura .... OK. I see it now and that makes sense. I did expect different behavior, but I see now how RM is set up to work. So, I did a find:  Burial, Place Details, contains, cemetery name and could move forward and backwards thru the RM Explorer to each of those people. NOW...... is there a way to be able to put these results into some kind of a Group? A report or list?


Thank you for your help!



#65796 MacBridge for RootsMagic

Posted by kcard on 07 September 2014 - 12:40 PM in RootsMagic for Mac

I have used RM on my Mac via Parallels for some time but was pleased to see that it's being made available to Mac users via MacBridge. I downloaded it and have been trying it out but I do have a couple of issues/questions.....


1) When in the Edit Person window, and I select a fact, clicking in one of the fields on the right (any field even the proof popup) often, but not always, makes the view jump to another fact for that person. It doesn't happen every time, but often enough to be a pain. Also, just clicking in a blank spot in the right side of the window, often moves the fact selection to something different.


2) How do I do a search/find for some text that I would like to have grouped together? Such as searching for all people who have a burial place that equals Holy Sepulchre Cemetery? I can do the find from the RM Explorer but the results are not what I expected! The list is filled with the people I know were buried there, but also hundreds of people who never even were in the USA, lol. Why is that?


 I look forward to the Mac version of RM!!


Kathy ....... Oh, I would dearly love the ability to copy an entire fact complete with source and notes so that it could be used for others sharing the event  (like Legacy does) ...... without having to use the Share Fact capability which doesn't transfer via gedcom.