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#39742 Export Geocodes to GEDCOM

Posted by 17and7 on 15 October 2010 - 07:59 PM in Issues

Alfred - Thank you. I did not realise that they were 'non standard' tags, so were exported with a "_" prefix. I was also initially exporting to a GEDCOM that stripped out the RM specific extra details, so missed it there as well. Just wondering, is there anywhere where it says what these 'RM specific' items are?

And Vyger, I have not totally ruled out using Place Details, and after reading the links on your site, I think that there are some exciting possibilities for the future, but for now I'm just happpy taking a wait and see approach. It's a great read by the way and I like what you've done there.

#39717 Export Geocodes to GEDCOM

Posted by 17and7 on 14 October 2010 - 07:05 PM in Issues

I recently purchased the full version of RM4 and have been slowly loading my data into the program.

I have not been using the Place Details field - instead I have been using Place, entering up to 4 levels of data in the format Street, Town, City, Country. And I have entered geocodes for numerous Places, which I see have been entered correctly when I view via Lists, Place Lists from the menu. However, when I attempt to export my data to GEDCOM, the LATI and LONG tags do not export at all.

Interestingly, when I geocode to Place Details level, the LATI and LONG tags do export (to the ADDR tag) but this is not how I want to use the software.

Is this lack of export of Geocode Place tags data a bug, or has it been designed intentionally that way?

Thanks for your help.