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#98121 Get RM7 file to iphone app - instructions no good for Catalina

Posted by J P on 07 September 2020 - 02:30 AM in Discussion

Yes, the downside of the new Finder method is that there is no Browse option to find the file to be added - drag and drop is now the only way, as Rooty explained.

#98752 Forum for RM8 Community Preview

Posted by J P on 01 January 2021 - 05:35 AM in Discussion

Now that the Community Preview for RM8 is available to anyone who wishes to try it, could we please have a forum for us to comment, complain and discuss various aspects of it.


I am sure I am not alone in never wanting anything to do with Facebook, and without such a forum, I feel somewhat left out despite being a regular and hopefully constructive user of the forums for rather more years than I wish to recall.

#96882 enable new users to simply load database copies

Posted by J P on 28 March 2020 - 12:29 PM in iPad / iPhone / iPod

The directions may be found at https://www.rootsmagic.com/App/FAQ/  This says you have to use either Dropbox or iTunes. I have a vague recollection that the iTunes technique no longer works due to changes in iTunes, but if so then I haven't been able to find that announcement. Maybe iTunes still works. Except for once in the beginning where I did it with iTunes just to see how it works, I have always done it with Dropbox. Maybe someone else on this forum who has done it more with iTunes can speak to the iTunes approach.

If iTunes still works, that might be the easiest way to do it because all your relatives with iPhones and iPads are probably already using iTunes with their device. I went the Dropbox route in the first place because I was already a Dropbox user. I have the RM app on both my iPad and my iPhone, but I use it mostly on my iPhone despite the small screen simply because that's the device I always have handy.

If you have to do it with Dropbox, you will have to create an account. A basic free Dropbox account should be plenty big enough for your RM database.




Things have moved on in Apple land and once one upgrades MacOS to Catalina, iTunes is no more. If you are on an earlier version of MacOS, then the iTunes method should work.


On Catalina, the function has moved to the Finder app, and it is still possible to use this to transfer an RM data file - not a backup file - to the RM app on iOS or iPadOS.


The first thing that is required is to ensure the Finder view options include the display of iOS devices. (I had to enable that.) Connect the device - you probably need to attach it via cable the first time, but WiFi attached should/will probably work subsequently. Select the device in the left hand column and one can view considerable detail about the device. Selection of the Files tab shows all the apps that support file transfer - RootsMagic appears in this list and it shows any files that have already been transferred to the device. The way to transfer a new file is not as flexible as before as there doesn’t seem to be a Browse option to select a file to be transferred. Instead one has to drag a file over the RootsMagic entry in the list of apps that support file transfer and the transfer just happens. (I pasted a copy of the file I wanted to transfer onto the desktop and then dragged that across to the Finder window and over the RootsMagic entry. I find drag and drop from a Finder window to another Finder window somewhat troublesome with a trackpad, so use a simple approach even if it requires an extra step.) If one displays the list of files that have been transferred to the RM app, the only action you can initiate from the list is to delete a selected file.


So, still possible, but in a different place, and a little less flexible (in my opinion)

#98721 Duplicate parent-child

Posted by J P on 26 December 2020 - 01:42 AM in FamilySearch Family Tree

From a marriage record, enter the groom, Junior Smith. Then enter the father, Senior Smith and the mother, Mary Jones.  Then look and see that Junior Smith has two sets of parents, one consisting of both Senior Smith and Mary Jones, and the other consisting of only Senior Smith. 

That is the way it has always worked. Match a person to someone in FS, or just add them, and then add each parent in turn. You end up with exactly the situation you report. I always then go into FS and delete the second connection from the child to the same parent - usually the father. Tedious, but that seems to be the way it has to be.


UNLESS someone can offer an other suggestion.

#98913 Downloading a RM data file from iPhone

Posted by J P on 17 January 2021 - 09:16 AM in iPad / iPhone / iPod

Is there a way to download a RootsMagic data file from my iPhone to a RM file on my laptop? I unfortunately had to reformat my hard drive and I now only have all my data files on my iPhone.

Is the laptop a Mac or PC?


If a Mac, connect the iPhone to the Mac with a lightning to USB cable, and then in Finder, under Locations in the left hand column, look for the iPhone. (Ensure iOS devices are enabled under Locations in the Finder Preferences.) Select the iPhone and then the Files tab. Select Rootsmagic in the resulting list of applications and drag and drop the file you are interested in from the list of RootsMagic files onto the Desktop, and then move to wherever you want.  

#97176 Compatibility between Mac and Windows versions of RM

Posted by J P on 04 May 2020 - 01:06 AM in RootsMagic for Mac

I currently run the Mac version of RM under Catalina.


I'm planning to take my .rmgc database over to the Windows version of RM installed in a Windows (under Bootcamp) environment, where I plan to do some editing and changes.


Will there be any compatibility issues with bringing the .rmgc file edited under RM-Windows back to RM under Catalina?  Seems a silly question but I'm interested in whether anyone has seen differences between the two versions of RM.  What got me thinking is that the button shortcuts (Alt+E for the Edit button etc.) are different between the two versions.


TIA ... John.

The RM program that works on the data is exactly the same Windows code, so there is no difference in the data interpretation, and so the data files - both data - rmgc - and backup - rmgb - files may be exchanged between a PC and a Mac. The limitations in function on the Mac are restrictions because the Windows simulation provided by the wrapper does not have all the capabilities of a Windows system. But most users on the Mac get by OK. Do be sure to use the same version of RM on both, though.

#96766 Beta Testers Needed for new CrossOver Wrapper for RM7

Posted by J P on 14 March 2020 - 04:05 PM in RootsMagic for Mac



When the new wrapper is released, is it intended to be a universal replacement for the current one or just intended to work on Catalina? If it is not a universal wrapper, I trust it tests the O/S version prior to trying to install. Based on what I've read, I hope it will also halt installation, if there is an existing installation of the wrapper.

Just to put a slightly different perspective on this. I use the full version of Crossover, and updated to V19, which is the 64-bit version, a month or so ago whilst still on High Sierra. RM7 worked just fine on that for me, which involves very heavy use of the Family Search interface. I have left RM running for many days, with my Mac sleeping at times, particularly overnight, but the FS interface picks up every time when I return to it. At the beginning of this week, I finally decided to update to Catalina, and RM has worked just fine since then. That suggests to me that the new wrapper should work equally well on previous versions of MacOS, not just Catalina.