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FamilySearch has new information...

23 September 2019 - 12:51 PM

I have become very frustrated trying to go though this list.

Many times when I go to a name in the list or finish updating information from FS, the pointer goes to the next name in the list.

You can see that RM accessed the FS data, because the number of sources changes.  But, no information gets displayed no matter how long you wait.

When this happens, you can go to another name in the list and get the same results.  The number of sources changes, but no data are displayed.

Of course these names disappear from the list, because you have now accessed the data since it was updated.  So you never know if it had new information you were interested in or not.

Can anyone tell me if I am doing something that cases this?

At this rate I shall never get though my list, because it keeps growing faster than I can keep up.