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Sources on Parents/Spouses on Family Group Sheets

20 September 2013 - 08:47 PM

Is it possible to print the source, as an endnote, for a parent or spouse on a family group sheet?

For example, I know the names of the parents because they appear on the wife's death certificate. My source is the death certificate. The wife's death date will have a footnote with the death certificate as the source. Her parents are also listed on the FGS, but I can't seem to get that source in a footnote (i.e. superscript by the father's name and mother's name pointing to this source). It seems like it would be a setting in Report Settings -> Family Group Sheets (click box) or maybe an option in the source settings (under Report Settings -> Family Group Sheet -> Sources).

A friend of mine is doing the NGS home study course, and her lesson was returned because she didn't have the sources for the parents on a family group sheet, which she produced in Roots Magic. Seems like this should at least be an option.

Rob. Taylor
Columbia, MO