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In Topic: Were there any changes to the report or charts sections ?

27 November 2014 - 05:31 PM

I purchased RM 7 and will admit it's a bit disappointing that reports weren't updated, but I do understand.  However, I have to mention one thing.  In the future rewrite, I would very much like the "Descendant List" report to have the ability to select as many fields of data to include in the report as I wish.  (After all, it does "word wrap".)


I haven't been on this board in a very long time, but back with much older versions of RM, (i.e. RM v1, 2, 3) I had requested on multiple occasions to get this report enhanced.  There was some improvement, but not enough and eventually I quit asking.


The reason I request this is that I still keep a (very) old version of FTM 2005 on my computer for the sole purpose of printing the 'Outline Descendant' report in that program.  (The Descendant List report in RM, closely resembles this report.)  This old version of FTM allows me to select as many items to include as I wish, one of which is VERY important is the "Divorce" data.  I keep hoping for the day that with each new version of RM, that it will offer the ability of this one report in my 10 year old copy of FTM, but with RM 7, this report still can't offer the functionality I need.  So I respectfully ask again, that the Descendent List report be given additional functionality to accomplish what I would like.  Thank you.