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In Topic: Managing data on PC and Laptop

23 December 2009 - 07:45 PM

I am still using WXP, but have switched to RM4. The version of RM does not matter, as long as both copies described below are the same version.. I set up a folder on my C Drive of my desktop called "Genealogy". That is where I direct RM to store all of the Data files and also where I store my RM Multimedia file. It is also a good place to keep a backlog file if you have one. You may have yours in your "My Documents", that's OK.
With that said, I use an external backup program that automatically backs up my desktop Genealogy file to an external Hard Drive daily. Using the same backup program installed on my laptop, I manually backup as required, from the external HD to the laptop's Genealogy File, that "has" to be installed in the same location, on the laptop's C Drive, and with RM set up on both computers exactly the same.
The bonus here is two cloned copies of your work. The external HD provides protection against a drive failure on your desktop; and the copy on your laptop will provide protection should you get a virus on your desktop, that could infect the external HD. You would maybe like to backup to your laptop on a weekly basis, or as appropriate to the amount of work that you do, and not just as you need it.
The Backup Program that I use is SyncBack SE; can be installed on up to 5 computers, and although it is a paid program, has been well worth the money to me. See: http://www.2brightsparks.com/
Remember: Set up both RM's and computer's exactly the same. Good Luck.

thank you so much. Ironically, it was my son's recommendation to use a backup program that got me serious about trying to clean up this mess and I really appreciate the info! Everyone here is so kind, it's very nice.

In Topic: Managing data on PC and Laptop

23 December 2009 - 07:42 PM

You could export a GEDCOM file of selected people,
Mark People,
Select by data fields,
Date last edited -- is after -- <date>
BACKUP YOUR DATABASE! (Just in case: )
Import that GEDCOM file into a new empty TEMP database and compare it with your vmain database, by opening the two side by side.
drag John Doe from the TEMP database onto John Doe in the main database and finish any cleanup, (Be sure to check the notes, sometimes a note is added to a very similar note, if they are exactly the same, there should only be one copy.)

Now, if everything worked out, backup again, copy this new backup backup to the other computer and restore it there so they should now be exactly the same.

thanks so much - I never knew that "date last edited" was there and it'll be a big help!