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Problem with RM4 surnames in Fam Atlas

12 July 2011 - 12:31 AM

I purchased Family Atlas quite some time ago and have been too busy tending to elderly parents to install it until today. I have used RM4 since it came out and have used all the RM versions having started out in Family Origins. I have always used the "All surnames in CAPS" function on my RM program. So I was shocked to find that in Family Atlas some of my surnames appear in Caps and some do not. The big problem is that Family Atlas does not recognize the existence of any of the names that have non Cap surnames. So It found my father and some of his family but when I went to pull up my mother's family it could not find my Mother. The added problem is that if I try to go into RM4 to change all the surnames to CAPS I can't tell which ones have problems since RM4 shows them all as being all Caps. I hope someone has a fix for this problem. I am going through and fixing all my place names so that will not be a problem but I can not wrap my head around the CAP no CAP surname problem. Thanks for creating such a cool program. I love all the features, I can't wait to use them. It should make research trips and genealogy vacations much more productive!