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Nov 08 2017 02:34 PM

Renee ZamoraNormanBrown

I stand corrected, I learned from last nights webinar #25. "What's New in Personal Historian 2" about two new import features I never beta tested.
1. Import Sources as Footnotes
2. Import Pictures and Media
So you can import your pictures into Personal Historian 2. In testing it this morning only the media attached to facts comes over. The general media ...
Sep 29 2011 10:39 AM
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    Renee, There is no one home at Rootsmagic today and my program is going crazy, can you help me? When I click on a blue tree of someone already connected to family search it turns grey and the familysearch information on the right goes blank. When I try to connect a person to familysearch nothing happens. What is going on? I have been using RM for years with no problem and then all of a sudden yesterday my people were being disconnected to familysearch.
    Jul 13 2013 09:53 AM