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In Topic: TreeShare failing to load RM data to Ancestry

Today, 05:28 PM

Open the Edit Person screen and the very first row is the Person row where you enter their name. It also has the general notes, media and sources attached to it. 

In Topic: Sharable CD with fathers side only

Yesterday, 02:47 PM

The Shareable CD will include everyone in the database. You could drag n drop just those you want on the Shareable CD into a new blank database and create the Shareable CD from there. 


26. Create a Shareable CD with RootsMagic


Using Drag and Drop in RootsMagic

In Topic: TreeShare failing to load RM data to Ancestry

Yesterday, 02:44 PM

Was it all facts for the person or just those on the Person row that it effects?

In Topic: Another Gedcom Loss of Data

Yesterday, 02:31 PM

Confirming issue is on the development list. 

In Topic: Family search hints

Yesterday, 08:51 AM

They way FamilySearch has given us the APIs the hinting and FamilySearch Person Tools are separate. If you use WebHints for FamilySearch and save the facts to Family Tree, you can then use the FamilySearch Person tools to move the fact and sources into RootsMagic. For now, the media does not come with it. You would need to save the media to your computer and then attach it.