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In Topic: Status of RM7 New wrapper for mac

Today, 04:54 PM

It hasn't passed beta testing, so it was returned to CrossOver development. We were hopeful but it just shows another reason why we don't like to give deadlines for releases. 

In Topic: Where would I add this new source to?

Today, 12:12 PM

We have a webinar that demonstrates how to add sources if that is your question. Made for version 5 but its the same in 7.


31. New Source and Citation Features in RootsMagic 5

In Topic: Where would I add this new source to?

Today, 07:23 AM

I simplified things and copied the "Military Records, Databases" source template. I have one master source based on the collection on a specific website I am citing. The Source Details contain the information on the record within that collection.

In Topic: Way points and pointers

Yesterday, 03:56 PM

Don’t include any fact that cannot be attributed to that individual. No life cycle type information or general history. These will put points on your map that may not correspond to the individual.


On the Genealogy Markers there is a People and Event tab. You can unselect any facts you do not want to appear on the map. That would also be any facts your using for histories. 


All other items have been noted on the development list.

In Topic: How to search for Spouse notes

Yesterday, 03:08 PM

I don't receive results either with a Note (Family) - is not blank. I can when I use contains and a word I am looking for. I'll report this to development.