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In Topic: iPad RootsMagic App won't sync with current Dropbox file

Yesterday, 11:49 AM

It would be correct to need to load the update database to the app as you make changes to it. 

In Topic: Tree Consistency Checker

Yesterday, 11:47 AM

Confirming these are on the enhancement request list. 

In Topic: Automatic drop-offs

Yesterday, 11:37 AM

I think with the name you are seeing the difference between Ancestry having two fields to our one. The RM name also has the general notes, sources and media attached. On Ancestry you have two separate areas, the Name with its notes, sources and media, and then the Person/General notes, sources and primary photo. Anything you see attached to the Ancestry name has no way of appearing in RM. We need a complete rewrite of this area in RM to support those two fields in Ancestry.


There will be an option to choose if you want people removed automatically from the change list when you "Accept Changes".  For now if you only click "Accept Changes" after you have marked all the items you want changed, it will help you stay on the person until your done. 

In Topic: TreeSync Statistics

Yesterday, 11:30 AM

Confirming this is on the enhancement request list. 

In Topic: RM6 to dropbox to Iphone 7

Yesterday, 11:25 AM

Yes, at this point we need a new update to resolve the issue.