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21 November 2012 - 11:25 PM

I see the "rotating" Update Available arrow at the opposite side of the screen from the relationship indicator. :)
However, when I try to click it, I get the message that I am running in To-Go Mode :huh:, and to "Update your desktop copy of RootsMagic and then run RootsMagic-To-Go to update this copy."

I'm pretty sure it is related to creating new folders for RM V6: Backup, Data, GEDCOM, Multimedia, Reports and RootsMagic 6 where I will be keeping the V6 program.

So, I guess my first question is "How to follow the instructions" for which I am clueless! :rolleyes:

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. :) :)

Dates for EMail Messages

20 August 2012 - 11:55 AM

A distant cousin sent me a second email.
My original Master Source Name is (pseudonym) John Jones and carries the date of the First Message
I don’t want to have a new master source for every email, so how do I move the date from the Master Source to the Citation, which doesn't have a date field?
I kind of think that instead of using Jeff LaMarca's source templates as is, I should have copied and somehow revised the copy. But Jeff's template already had a preceding asterisk (*), which confused me.

Any assistance to lift the confusion will be greatly appreciated.

Glad to be back

10 August 2012 - 09:59 PM

We lost internet connectivity on July 24. Time Warner service personnel made house call on August 1st to reset net access. Since then, I've been catching up on email and other projects. I see a couple of new things I don't remember.

First, in composition mode, it took me a few words before I realized the tool bar was grayed out. Then I spotted a little box in the upper left corner. So I tried my "hovering" skills and voila! -- Toggle editing mode.
Secondly, in the Subforums, I only saw Discussion, Issues and Tips and Hints and wondered what happened to the "Tab" for General. . .?

For the real question: I’ve started using Jeff La Marca’s Simplified templates.
A confusing sense I got was that we MUST start with the master template. Yet I started with the Non-traditional template and didn’t seem to have any problem.

During the “down time” one of my e-mails was from my 1st cousin twice removed, Ryan. The last time I had seen his grandfather was when his father and aunt were barely teenagers in 1965. I had them in my DB as _______ Sims. So Ryan filled me in with names for his father, aunt, brother, sister, son and nephew. They are now in my DB and the source/citations look like:

Master Source List:
Footnote: Ryan Sims (31 July 2012). E-Mail: Sims Cousins. || [Page]. [SourceDetailPerson]. [Location]. [Repository:Caps] ([URL]: accessed [Accessed]). [RefNumber:Caps].
Short Footnote: Ryan Sims (31 July 2012). E-Mail: Sims Cousins.
Bibliography: Ryan Sims (31 July 2012). E-Mail: Sims Cousins. || [Page]. [SourceDetailPerson]. [Location]. [Repository:Caps] ([URL]: accessed [Accessed]). [RefNumber:Caps].
Glenn Wright
3 Factory Street
Oneonta, NY 13820-2703
Citation: which only shows in the left pane – nothing in middle or right panes.
Quality: Unknown Probably ought to make it a good quality.
Ryan Sims (31 July 2012). E-Mail: Sims Cousins. || Date of email; my title. Ryan’s subject was Family
Should I change Sims Cousins (which is more descriptive) to Family?
Short Footnote:
Ryan Sims (31 July 2012). E-Mail: Sims Cousins.
Ryan Sims (31 July 2012). E-Mail: Sims Cousins. ||
Glenn Wright Since I now have the e-mail.
… Street
City, State, Zip+4
What am I missing besides putting something in the middle and right panes? :unsure:


Duplicate Search Merge

23 July 2012 - 04:38 PM

Wish the Merge Duplicate Records window included the record numbers for each of the two individuals. Or did I miss a step? :blink:
I just noticed that when I start the search (Tools > Merge > Duplicate Search Merge), there are several boxes checked in what I would call a default window.

If I click the Search for . . . button, the next screen is blank with the primary-duplicate combo. Also, if I try to use the switch button, I get a long winded “loading. . .” note in both panels. I didn't wait to see how long it would take before the loading note disappeared; but using the close button did the trick.

After trying this for a few days, it dawned on me that the blank combo was telling me no duplicates were found.

If that is the case, then I would wish for a statement to the effect that no duplicates were found.


RootsMagicİ V5 vs V4

10 July 2012 - 03:39 PM

How did my RM V5 get into a Program file? :huh:

Open RM V5 with icon in system tray
Pop up Welcome to RootsMagic displays:
1. V5 icon is in left top margin opposite the buttons for minimize, maximize and close.
2. V4 icon is in the main body to the left of “Welcome. . .” which is immediately above “What would you like to do?

Before I noticed the problem above, I was going to ask “Why does my RM5 DB look the same as RM4? :huh:

Could that have anything to do with the fact that, in trying to keep V4 intact, I copied my main DB and used the copy to export to a GEDCOM file; then opened V5 and imported the new GEDCOM?

What specifically new to V5 could I use to prove a “twin” version or just “younger sibling” version?

I also discovered I'm running in "To Go" mode when I didn't use the "To Go" icon. :(