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Kenn Brooks

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Two Wishes

14 August 2008 - 11:43 AM

Wish One:- I would like to see an Ascendant List (formatted like the Descendant List) so the Ahnentafel Chart is not the only choice.
Wish Two:- is to fix the only thing I have never liked about RM. When you are in the "Edit Person" screen, you can then go to the "Notes" screen, when you are done in the "Notes" screen and you click "OK" you are taken all the way out to the main "Family Tree" screen. Therefore, if you are not done editing that person you have to go all the way back in again. I would like to come out of the "Notes" screen and be in the "Edit Person" screen.
Other then those wishes, I am waiting patiently for v4!!!
It's still the best Bruce.