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20 August 2008 - 07:53 AM

QUOTE(kbens0n @ Aug 15 2008, 10:45 AM) View Post

...NOT to the tabs named (General, Notes, Sources, Multimedia, Address, ToDo).

I understand everything that has been said so far but what I am trying to say is this; in order to edit a person you have to be in the General Tab; while you are in there all Fact and Event posts may be edited and brought back to the General Tab by hitting OK. While you are in General Tab if you go to any of the Tabs across the top (Notes, Sources, Multimedia, Address, ToDos) when you are done in those you get thrown all the way out! If you are NOT done editing the person you have to go all the way back in again. In my opinion, General Tab is a "Folder", all the other Tabs - even across the top - are sections thereof. They are part of editing the person and should revert you back to the General Tab not all the way out. Or maybe the tabs across the top could have a "Back" button to take you back to the Main Edit (General Tab) screen in addition to the "OK" button which takes you all the way out.

In Topic: Two Wishes

15 August 2008 - 04:06 AM

QUOTE(kbens0n @ Aug 14 2008, 05:47 PM) View Post

I believe this is intentional and therefore not likely to be changed. Why hit <OK> to finish, until you are all done editing the person?
(after all, that is the name of the screen)

You just need to get used to entering data into each Window tab by selecting each with the mouse (or CTRL-TAB)...and finishing your data entry BEFORE you click <OK>. Throughout the program, clicking <OK> exits an entry window (where data can be edited) back to the main screen and acknowledges the desire to save the data to your database (even if nothing was changed).

1) go to any persons main edit screen, 2) add a residence entry putting in a place name, 3) hit OK, 4) you are now back at the main edit screen - you have a lot of info to enter on this person but you realize that the place name you entered in the residence entry would be better suited to go into the general notes at the top of the main edit screen - so 5) open the notes entry screen, 6) put in the place name, 7) hit OK - OOPS! you are all the way out and have to go back into the main edit screen to take delete the residence entry item and you still have more editing to do for that person. My point being, if you are editing a person and you are shifting and moving notes; for say your book, or for posting on the internet, or for printing a gedcom, it's wasted time if you keep getting thrown all the way out to the family tree screen.