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In Topic: About ready to upgrade finally to version 7

14 May 2018 - 10:51 AM

Did it!  Now so much to catch up on.  Thank you so much everyone!  Sincerely appreciate the help.

In Topic: About ready to upgrade finally to version 7

07 May 2018 - 08:02 PM

Thank you everyone.


Go way back with Family Origins, then changed over to Roots Magic when that happened and kept upgrading until version 4.  I was always happy with the way things were so just didn't bother upgrading.  Suddenly it seemed I ought to stay more 'in the loop' and get up to speed with the program.


#2 in John's suggestions makes me wonder about something as it's been so long since I've upgraded.  Will I actually installing version 7 or upgrading from 4?  Been so long since I upgraded I forget the process.


As for #3 that one puzzles me.


Have the program saved on my computer as well as a usb flash drive btw.


Apparently Renee's suggestion I should do first.  That looks very important.  That is why I started this thread, I mean, since it's been so long I wondered if there could be a problem upgrading with such an old version.


On top of my concerns, my computer has crashed a couple times this week which caused me to be concerned about my databasethat has taken me 30+ years to accumulate.  We cleaned the dust out and did some windows updates so hopefully I'm ok for now.


Will probably attempt to upgrade tomorrow beginning first with Renee's download suggestion unless anyone has any other comments and/or suggestions.  Needless to say I'm very nervous about it as I'm not that technical.


Sure appreciate the help.