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How Would you add a Overalll Reference in RM4

26 April 2009 - 04:16 PM

My father's family members are all from Germany. Both he and my grandmother came from Germany just before 1900. So, the family tree consists of literally 100's of family entries all from the same two or three villages in Hessen.

I have the published German church books from 1676 to 1830 written in German of course. Now every family member gets a birth, baptism, death and for at least 50-60% a confirmation, and a marriage. Most families had 8-12 children born. That makes for a tremendous amount of reference entries which when you print out the history, the references would take up 10's of pages.

What would be a way of indicating that all the information unless otherwise indicated (in a rare instance) comes from "Kirchenbuch: Vor die Gemeinde Hils, Appenfeldt, Wallenstein, Hergetsfeld, Steindorf und Rükersfeld, worinnen de getaufte, confirmirte, copulierte und verstorbnen augezeichnet sind" compiled by Mr. Lothar Ide. Imagine that repeated over and over and over page after page after page. Not a good way to do it I don't think.

Thus the question, How, in RM 4 can we make it concise but simpler and more pleasant? A way to lead to a central entry without repeating it maybe. Your thoughts please. sad.gif