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Enhancement Request (Reference Numbers vs RINs)

16 June 2020 - 09:04 AM

ENHANCEMENT REQUEST: For personal reasons, I use my own numbering system in place of RM's assigned Record Numbers (a carry over from the old software I used to use). I manually enter my numbers into the Reference Number tag for each individual. Under Tools -> File Options -> General -> Number to display after name, I have chosen 'Reference number (REFN)' instead of the default 'Record number (RIN)'. I would like to see this carried through to the Index in the left-hand pane so that it would show the names followed by my Reference Number instead of the RM assigned Record Number. In looking at the options available, you can choose to show alternate names, birth year, and/or record number. I currently have all 3 selected but would rather have my Reference Number displayed rather than the Record Number.


This was originally posted on the RootsMagic Facebook page but user Jerry Domier asked for it to be posted here as well.  Several people on Facebook have told me I can use the People View to do this as a work around.