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Publisher - RM4

11 May 2010 - 07:30 PM

Tonight I prepared a small book in RM4 using the publisher option. I am currently using RM vs 4.08

Since the release of RM4, I have run into the following issues, over and over again. What am I doing wrong or is this an issue with the software?

Book has title page, table of contents, 1 family group sheet, 9 scrapbooks for the father and 8 children of ths family, with sources and indices.

A. After highlighting the father's name, (wife died in France, so I have no family documents] add his individual scrapbook.
- Tile of scapbook page is Scrapbook-[person]
- Then I have to change the person selected, search and select the father of the family ... instead of the person highlighted ... from a prior report session. Totaly, unlike RMv3. (I have to change the selection (on the right side of screen, from someone I used in another published report.) to the person I want in the scrapbook. Make the change and all is ok. Check the report name: SCRAPBOOK-[person]. Everything looks good, table of contents, etc., so I proceed.

B. Add the individual scrapbooks for a few kids ... then I find that the table of contents changes the names for everyone, to the name of the father or the name of the first child ... even tho the scrapbook is for, say, child #3. The entire TOC changes!

C. When I publish, all scrapbook pages, including in the table of contents, have the title - Scapbook-father name, Scrapbook-father name, Scrapbook-father name ... even though I have selected a scrapbook for a particular individual.

D. If I change the title of a particular scrapbook, it never sticks. Next time I open up the publisher file, there is a completely new title that has nothing to do with the media in the report.

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? What should I do differently?


How to find A Shareable CD file ... on my computer

13 April 2010 - 09:41 PM

Hello RM Techies,

When I create a shareable CD and save to my computer, I can never find it ... in order to burn on a CD / DVD at a later time.

Where is this 'file' saved? What is the extension ... the .????, the file path, for the place the shareable file is saved on my computer?

I am currently using RM vs, MS Vista vs 7.

I have asked this question, a number of times during the past few years. Grateful if someone will send me an e-mail to explain where to find the shareable CD data / reports, as saved, on my computer.

Please note. Many times, I post to this bulletin board. Rarely, do I ever get a response to my post, that gets sent to my e-mail box ... despite being classified as a registered 'Advanced User'. Despite checking a box that responses are to be e-maile to me.

What the heck is going on?! What am I doing wrong? Please help.


PS Sorry if I sound a bit frustrated.

Gedcom from Ancestry.com won't load

10 January 2010 - 10:47 PM

Hello Technical Support,

Following is my post to the discussion board. Apparently, at least one other user is having a problem. Another user, has no problems. I found a work-around, that is very time consuming. Grateful for your response.


Thanks for your response.

I tried downloading a gedcom from Ancestry.com World tree. I chose to save a 6 generation descendant gedcom using CLRF, 1351 individuals. After I saved, I tried to import into RM vs. 4.06; RM freezes even tho I have waited up to 15 minutes to allow the program to 'do its thing'.

I have never been given an option to "download Open with Abiword", don't know Abiword and have no interest (at this point) in opening a gedcom into a word processing program.

All I want to do is save a gedcom from Ancestry to my HD and import into RM.


The way I got it to work. I called a friend who has used RM v3 and v4 and sent him the link to the oldest person I wanted in the descendant gedcom on Ancestry.

My friend had to import into RM v3, create a gedcom, then e-mail me the gedcom. [It took 4 attempts, using different options, before we got it to work.]
- He was also unable to import into RM v4.
- Note. When he saved the Ancestry gedcom, he had the option of saving to his HD or opening the gedcom in RM. I was never given this option, on my computer.
- I had not considered using RM v3.

Upon receipt, I imported the gedcom into RM v3. Then, I imported the RM v3 file into RM v4.

My point. I have a problem, somewhere, RM v4 (software) or my computer [set-up]. In the past, I had no problem downloading a gedcom from Ancestry into RM v3. Today, I have a problem ... when I am using RM v4.

My question: how to fix the problem?



Gedcom from Ancestry.com won't load

09 January 2010 - 11:42 PM

Since upgrading to RM v.4, I am no longer able to download a Gedcom from Ancestry.com's family trees.

As I recall, they give me a few options. Think I used something like CLRF, when I was using RM vs 3.
- There are about 2-3 other options.

Now, either RM v. 4 freezes or I get some sort of error message.

Grateful for any ideas. Use a different Ancestry option? Or ...?

Thank you,


Surnames Not in CAPITAL Letters

05 October 2009 - 07:30 PM

I've created a custom report in RM 4. My basic setup (options) is for surnames to be in CAPITAL letters.

The surnames, are not in CAPITAL letters, in the custom report.

Grateful for a very fast response. Need to resolve the issue before a meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

What do I do?

Thank you,