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Cannot Open RootsMagic on Windows 10

30 September 2019 - 10:24 AM

I am completely baffled. I've been using the same/upgraded version of RootsMagic for many years with no problems. Two days ago my son was showing me how to move an old Rootsmagic file from one folder to another. He put it on my desktop and it opened fine. I then closed it and shut down the computer. When I started up again the RootsMagic square startup window appears then...nothing. It sits in the taskbar with a blank white screen when I hover the mouse over the icon. I have moved files, uninstalled and reinstalled. I even tried to load Version 6 (my computer did not like that at all).


I do have to go into the Task Manager to shut it down (although it isn't really running) - the system thinks it is.


Has anyone run into this before? I've got 8 files I can't get into!

Thanks for any help.



10/3 - I deleted everything related to Rootsmagic including backup files and still cannot get it to run even with a brand new download. Frustrating.