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Webhints to FS not working

30 December 2019 - 01:12 PM

When I go into RM and do a descendancy display there are no webhint lightbulbs displayed in the WebHint column.  No clear or yellow light bulbs for anyone.  This used to work.  This is how I check to see if there are any new webhints that need to be checked out.  When I go into  FamilySearch Central I am logged in just fine.  I tried logging out and logging back in and it still doesn't check.  I've check File Options and everything looks right.  I even reset the password, but no WebHints to FS are working.  If I go into the FamilySearch Person Tool and go to Sources, I can see the differences if there are any so RM is logging into FS automatically OK and I know my password is working.  I'm using RM (10 Nov 2019).


Any ideas?

RM not showing FS WebHints updates

30 December 2019 - 12:37 PM

Ignore this.  My problem is with Webhints but I couldn't figure out how to delete this topic or change the topic subject.

Forced Refresh of FS Sources

27 September 2019 - 02:57 PM

Sometimes when I'm adding FS Sources to RM Sources and I add a source and the form refreshes, it doesn't show all the FS sources.  I can't seem to force a refresh unless I actually exit the FamilySearch Person Tools window and go back in.  Is there a way to force a refresh of the FamilySearch Sources in the Tools window without exiting the Tools window?  It seems to be random when it does this, but it is a little aggravating to have to exit and come right back in just to finish adding the resources. Thanks.

Differentiating new FS sources from RM sources

26 September 2019 - 11:50 AM

I am doing a lot of descendancy research in Family Search and then importing the information and sources into RM.  While it would be nice to import all the sources and keep the tags in one fell swoop, sometimes sources are added to FS after I have imported all the sources.  While RM tells me there are new sources, it won't show me which ones are new in the source windows after I have added them in FS.  It would be great when looking at the source window to see which ones are new and not already in RM.  This would be wonderful since in some cases I have over 30 or so sources and many have the exact same name.  Being able to differentiate which ones I don't already have downloaded would be a great time saver.  Using a different color like red or yellow would be nice.  How does one go about making a request for adding such a feature?


Is there anyone else doing descendancy research that would also find this useful? or is there another way? Thanks.