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7.6.1 Add mother to Child creates blank child

14 September 2019 - 08:18 PM

Hi again,


Start with a Child (Child1), add a Father (Father1) and set him up.


Then, to Father1, add a Marriage and create a new Person (Wife1).

Wife1 dies, so now add another Marriage and create another person (Wife2).


Now go to Father1 and look in the "Family" tab.

There is 1 child list below (Child1) but no Mother.


Click "click to add mother", and choose Existing Person (Wife2).

You are asked if you want to "Add to this family", click Yes.


The result - nothing appears to have changed,

we are still in the "Family" tab of Father1.

At the top-left, there is a dropdown "Spouses" which has 3 listed,

"Unknown Spouse" has 1 child (our Child1),

and now we also have an extra BLANK child listed under Spouse=Wife2.


And, again, where do these bug reports go? How can I track their progress?





7.6.1 people added via Marriage don't appear in Index

14 September 2019 - 07:41 PM



I'm a new user, and just noticed a bug,

Edit a person, add a Marriage fact, add a new Person, create the Person,

and that new Person doesn't appear in the "Index" list in the main window.


I checked again and it happened again, this time like so:

Go to "Family" tab of a mum,

Click to add a child - create new child.

Child's Edit-Person window appears,

Add a Marriage fact,

Add new person (this is the person that will not appear in Index),

Once added, you DON'T get taken to the Edit-Person window,

Set the Marriage date+location in the Fact, save and close the Edit-Person window.

Check index - new person hasn't appeared in the list.


Close the RootsMagic program, open it back up again and the person now appears in the list.


Where are we supposed to report these bugs?

Is there something like a Github Issue bug tracker?