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04 September 2019 - 08:28 AM

Hello all!


I am working with a client who has a massive database in Roots where we often create narrative reports for his manuscript. The exporting of the database as a narrative is essential to the project.


The first person of the first generation in the report is 1.


The current phase of the project is to bring all of generation 10 forward using the first person of that generation who is assigned number 1951.

The clients would like us to use the d'Aboville system starting with person 1951 with use of that exact number for continuity in reference. Since there are so many people, it would be easier to track the descendants and their descendants.


The project is such that when the narrative d'Aboville report is to be generated the first person on the first page should look like this:


1951 Samuel Endicott




1951.1 Female Endicott m. Putnam

1951.2 Female Endicott m. Peabody

1951.3 Male Endicott m. Cabot


Their children

1951.1.1 Male Putnam 

1951.1.2 Female Putnam m. Perkins


Their children

1951.2.1 Male Peabody etc..


Their children

1951.1.2.1 Male Perkins


I cannot generate a report that looks like this. If I create a separate database starting with the 1951 person in generation 10, the d'Aboville system automatically makes the first person number 1 when the report is exported.


I have attempted to work with the RIN and REFN numbers in Tools > Options but this doesn't generate the narrative the way I need it to. The custom number is placed after the name. It might look like this: 1. Samuel Endicott (1951)


A separate database test was performed to see if we could make it work but the root person is always #1 when the d'Aboville is exported. 

A full database was exported to see if we could, once in Word, delete the names before 1951, but the report that is generated is for example  


Is there a way to do this using custom numbers before the name?


Thank you for your attention.