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In Topic: TreeShare Crashing

23 August 2019 - 11:20 AM

I have had several crashes due to this error.


I traced it back to several folks 

  all of them had recently had a high school year book reference added. (to show a picture or to show someone living in xxx town in yyy year

  when i DELETED the hint referencing the yearbook the problem went away.

I identified the people by adding a fake FIRST name which I knew would be processed before the error occured.  When running tree share (a second time after it had crashed but with the fake name added) I could edit the second person in the list-after the fake name.  this was the guy that had had the yearbook reference added)  I repeated this process of letting treeshare crash, inserting a fake first name, running treeshare again, editing the second person in the list.


I'm not sure if it is only certian high school years books or all of them.   This is wierd as this same file had had many yearbook entries previously which processed just fine a year ago.  Maybe ancestry has been fiddling with their code and buggered something up--I know lots of other ancestry things have been wierd over the last 12-18 months-this might be another.


I was using windows 10-64x PRO and rootsmagic 7.5.1...  I just updated to 7.6 today


I am now having problems importing a large GED file that I suspect has the same issue.  Finding the person with the bad hint is a real challenge 

After I have imported the GED, I have 78,000 people. I know 48% of them are dups.  I use the auto matching within find dups and the program dies, totoally locks up with NO error message after I merge 934 people.

I have gone through and run all 4 database tools but this does not help




while doing a manual merge works, I don't want to try doing 37,000 of them